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Linda Ruan: Imitation Kills


Photography and Brand Concept by Linda Ruan, Copyright 2018




simple . unique . stylish


ImitationKills is a clothing brand for women. The goal is to make simple designs without losing the ability to highlight one’s beauty. Like its name, the brand aims to encourage each woman to find her own style instead of purely imitating styles of others. Therefore, rarely do I promote the brand using an image that captures a whole outfit. Three main styles under this brand are Office Style, Street Style, and Night-out Style. However, each piece of design can be cross-listed and mixed together to create a different look.

I am using myself as the model and a tripod as well as a remote control for this assignment. Not being able to see and to control the image position each time during the shoot made the whole process longer and harder. Blurry images occurred because of the inability to position myself at the right focus point.

The lighting that I am using is a reading lamp that can point at a specific direction. Playing with light and shadow is one fun point during this shoot. I tried to use a flashlight but the result was too plain and flat. The reading lamp, on the other side, gave each image a richer texture and a more complex background. Since the location for this shoot was in my apartment where the space and body movement was limited, the reading lamp was in fact necessary.

In the editing part, I edited three styles in different colors. Black and white for the OL style to create a serious yet sexy mood. A warm red-yellowish filter for the street style to emphasize the energetic feeling that typically embodied in that style. Original lighting effect was used for the night-out style but a strong contrast was added to construct an ambiguous mood. The brand name was typed in bright red color and was placed at the bottom right corner of each image.


About The Author: Linda Ruan is a sophomore with Painting and Art History concentration at Bryn Mawr College.  To access additional articles by Linda Ruan, go here



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Amber Shi: Mix


Photography and Brand Concept by Amber Shi, Copyright 2018




When it comes to mix and match your clothes, there is no universal equation. The attraction of mixology lies in “clash beauty” where different elements of fashion, colors and styles are combined together to create a unique look. The brand concept revolves around several ideas, including “you are as beautiful as you are”, “bold and young”. In a world where conformity is widely pursued, being yourself and expressing yourself through your clothes becomes a bold but exciting idea.

Moreover, it doesn’t take a whole outfit to create this “clash look”. Even when you are wearing all black, adding some “pop pieces” can all of a sudden brighten up your whole outfit. Pop pieces are jewelry, scarves, belts, shoes, handbags or any small details that may represent your personality. Growing up in China, I was asked to wear the same uniform as everyone else to school every day. After coming to the States, I had more freedom to choose my own wardrobe and started to develop my own style. The most important aspect of “mix and match” is to be confident about yourself and be who you are. There is no standard of beauty of the choice of color when it comes to your personal brand, and you are as beautiful as you are.


About The Author:  Amber Shi is a sophomore enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020. To access additional articles by Amber Shi, click here



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Alexis Masino: Werk It

Photography and Brand Concept by Alexis Masino, Copyright 2018




Clothes made for women are either too restrictive or too casual. You can choose between professional garments or athletic wear. But what if you want both simultaneously? What if you want a wardrobe made for work and play?

That’s the goal of WERK IT: clothes you can wear anytime, anywhere, for any occasion. Whether you’re at work or at the gym, WERK IT garments are guaranteed to bend and twist any which way you need them all while maintaining a snug, comfortable fit to your body. Our line makes different styles of pants, blouses, and sweaters for professional, casual, or relaxation wear. And with an array of colors and designs, you are guaranteed to find something you’ll love.

Finally, there is a universal, nonrestrictive brand of clothing for women. WERK IT gives you the flexibility to do anything – literally.

WERK IT: For women on the move.


About The Author: Alexis Masino is a freshman enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020.  To access additional articles by Alexis Masino, go here



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I Wear: Tony Ward Erotica

I Wear Tony Ward Erotica

I Wear Tony Ward Erotica

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Noel Zheng: The Danielle Collection

Photography and Text by Noel Zheng, Copyright 2018


The Danielle Collection


The premise of this project was to create a “Fashion Ad Campaign”—although the outcome became more of a critique on fashion ad campaigns of today.

I was fortunate enough to travel to the outskirts of Pennsylvania during ripe Autumn with a group of friends, all but one of whom were members of the student run fashion magazine, The WALK Magazine. During this time, we photographed each other, against the rare suburban background (rare to Philadelphia, that is). From this short experience, I generated these eight images to critique not only our actions that day, but to apply the same critique to fashion—in particular, fast fashion.

Danielle Goh is a good friend of mine, and a very down-to-earth person. However, the fashion ad campaign I have generated very much so carries the connotation of haute-couture.

This discrepancy between what is genuine and what is fabricated was very prominent. Hence, the “slogans” of “The Danielle Collection” features a few of the day to day things she says. The often quirky quotes provide an interesting juxtaposition against the more generic, avant-garde fashion ad campaign shots. By doing so, there is an attempt to challenge what a fashion ad campaign stands for, or at least, remind the viewers that not all ads are as they seem—not all roses are red. And who knows, maybe when a supermodel on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar stares nonchalantly away into the vast expanse of a lake during the blue hour, she really is just thinking about peanut butter.


About The Author: Noel Zheng is a Sophomore majoring in Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020. To access additional articles by Noel Zheng, click here



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