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Catherine Trifiletti: 2018 Lookbook


Catherine Trifiletti: 2018 Lookbook


Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2018


To see the complete Catherine Trifiletti 2018 Lookbook, click here


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A.H. Scott: Who’s Trippin?


Illustration by Christopher Suciu, Copyright 2018



Commentary by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2018


Illustration by Christopher Suciu, Copyright 2018


Who’s Trippin?



Tripped, tricked and mentally flipped

Hold on, hang tight

Everything is catapulted in a callous haze and diabolical sight



Myths are truths and truths are myths, as lovers and haters clash with pith

On the way forward, history has been

Roped into a lavish can, we are in for a Hellbound ride

Our future is in someone else’s hands, but too small to hold us all

No bell coming your way, cuz’ the only ringing in your ears and brain is from the wicked games you play



Instinct of the invincible is the armor he places on

No bad weather of storms or tears of despair for him



Tip-toeing through the tulips ain’t the way to go

Here comes a damned steamroller eviscerating daisies

Earth’s survival on the scales takes a backseat to insanity




Wising to go back to decades past, when linen was color so pure

Heils replacing hails are becoming the normal fare

In over our heads, we are cluelessly led

Time is a thing that’s never down for a king, for he thrives on platitudes that you sing

Easing along with obliviousness as a he’s hitting his stride



Hands to the heavens in a sinner’s cynical prayer

Over yonder, the contempt for the frog is ever so clear in the cracked melting pot

Under Old Glory, hand to chest in allegiance

Status quo under a Novocain drip of demagoguery

Ease into a coffin of chaos



Who’s trippin’?

First letter holds all the cards, for it is who he is by a million miles and yards

Where ya’ crown be?

He is King of the Swamp Creatures

What’s his delight?

Reality bites!!



About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by A. H. Scott, go here


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Catherine Trifiletti: 2018 Look Book

Catherine Trifiletti Design: 2018 Look Book

Catherine Trifiletti Design: 2018 Look Book



Achieving an interesting combination of Hollywood Glamour, Aristocratic elegance and earthly naturalness, these three elements combined to form a type of glamour that is associated with Italy and Italianess.  A world made up of gorgeously stylish designs, culture and a Mediterranean nature. Known for her own signature style, the style of Hollywood boudoir, Italian elegance, luxury and fashion combined with a nod to playful femininity.  Each and every item from the Catherine Trifiletti luxury loungerie collection is elegant sensuality with a tiny touch of Vegas sparkle.  

Catherine’s total belief in the power of self confidence is a serious inspiration to her designs for the cosmopolitan woman who has travelled the world but who never forgets her roots.  A woman who always wears her head high.  That gives her both an extremely feminine and sexy way of feeling and of course lounging when almost always required.





Mikala Mikrut

Serenity Rodriguez

Alexanne Wagner


Assistant to the Photographer:

Gary Smuts



Master Cutter – Ubaldo Vazquez
Head Seamstress – Reina Ponce 
Asst. Head Seamstress – Rosenda Navarro 
Seamstress – Ana Romero 
Seamstress – Carolina Serrano 
Seamstress – Demi Quezada
Head Presser – Carmen Vazquez
Accounting – Leigh Harrison 
Asst. Coordinator – Mikala Mikrut
Production Assistant L.A. -Erika Mark 
C.O.O. – Jeff Jacobs
Creative Director, C.E.O. – Catherine Trifiletti 
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Lilibeth Montero: Platonic Soulmate


Photography and Text by Lilibeth Montero, Copyright 2018


Platonic Soulmate


As I finish my first year at Penn, I have begun to reflect on the events that occurred this year. I have come to the realization that I wouldn’t have been able to survive college without my best friend Abril. This year has been filled with obstacles, and through every single one Abril has helped me.

The first semester at Penn, I was in a bad place. I wasn’t doing well in my classes and I found it difficult to relate to others. Therefore I kept to myself and started to isolate myself from others. There were countless instances I pushed her away, but she stayed. I never thought it was possible to find someone that is so much like oneself. Abril and I share shared experiences we are both daughters of Mexican immigrants, low income first generation students and nursing majors. Therefore, we understand one another and support each other. Something that is incredibly valuable in an environment like Penn.

How do I explain my relationship with Abril?

Abril is my platonic soulmate. Yes I have had best friends before, but never has a friendship developed as smoothly and effortlessly as my friendship with Abril. First of all, I cherish moments with her and long to be at her side. We both support one another, and value the phrase “we succeed together”.

Through my photography, I want to capture my friendship with Abril. I want the audience to see the huge amount of love I have for her. I want the audience to see a trusting and powerful friendship between two women that support one another, and help each other succeed. Essentially,  I want the audience to feel as if Abril is their friend too because I feel everyone needs a friend like “Abril”.


About The Author: Lilibeth Montero is a freshman enrolled in the School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2021. To access additional articles by Lilibeth Montero, click here


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Anisha Arora: The Wonders of Spring


Photography and Text by Anisha Arora, Copyright 2018


The Wonders of Spring


Having lived in India and Africa, I always took sun for granted. Living in Philadelphia for 1.5 years and witnessing the brutal winter of 2017-18 has made me realize how much I love the spring and summer seasons. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So, after months and months of waiting, when spring finally arrived, I realized I wanted to capture it in all it’s glory.

This was also a great opportunity to experiment with a macro lens, that I had never used before. Using a macro lens and having a fixed focal length made me realize the importance of finding the right angles. I have tried to capture the different colors of spring, the flowers, the leaves and even a brave squirrel.

These photographs, for me, are also a reminder of not taking things for granted. The colors, the flowers, the sun only last for a few months, and so do many other important things in life that we often take for granted. In fact, photographing for this project made me aware of how much happiness nature brings to my life. In the age of technology, with our eyes glued to electronics, this is something I want to hold on to.


About The Author: Anisha Arora is enrolled in the Graduate program, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. To access additional articles by Anisha Arora, click here


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