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Diary: Portrait of a Swinger


Diary: Sandra. Portrait of a Swinger


Photography and Text by Tony Ward


Diary: Portrait of a Swinger

Sandra had a nice modern apartment in the town of St. Pauli a neighborhood that contains the infamous Red Light District of Hamburg, Germany. I knew this neighborhood well,  easily finding her place within walking distance from the Monopol Hotel, located on the Reeperbahn in the same neighborhood.  She was located on the top floor of a 5 story building with roof access and lots of skylights. From her location you could simply walk out onto her balcony and listen to the cat calls, as the hookers lined along the Herbertstrase in plain sight of the St. Pauli police station.  Yes. Prostitution is legal in Germany. Sandra’s apartment provided a comforting setting to light her portrait. I shot on a big red contemporary sofa just off of her nicely appointed bedroom. I used a combination of high ISO with cross processed film, available window light added most of the fill with my ever present ring flash. Sandra pulled clothes from her own wardrobe dressing herself up like when she and her husband invite another couple over for a night of play.  She exuded a classic sex appeal with a mixture of Asian and German looks with perfectly sculpted high cheek bones and a perfectly balanced frame with big hair. She exuded a vibe as if she were ready to please.


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Happy Mother’s Day!


Jean Ward: Happy Mother’s Day!


Photography by Milt Ward, Circa 1960’s


Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017


I remember the beautiful summer days in Atlantic City, New Jersey with my mom when I was just a little boy.  My father, Milt Ward was the family chronicler as he always kept his camera nearby for special occasion’s like this. Seeing my mother with wind blown hair and sand on her skin must have made him glow in the sun as  he witnessed the happiness of his great pride and joy.  Happy Mother’s Day mom and to all of the other great mother’s in the world!

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Diary: Two Girls From St. Petersburg in Paris



Two Girls From St. Petersburg in Paris


Photography & Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017




I was fortunate to meet Natasha on one of my numerous trips to Paris. This Russian born model with exquisite taste selected a finely tailored (French) pink lingerie ensemble with a short red wig that fit her angular bone structure perfectly. It was the late 1990’s, a time in which I was producing a series of pictures for my erotic books and Penthouse Magazine. I met Natasha through a book shop owner that was located in the Marais district. She was already an experienced model by the time we met, having worked with several prominent French photographers I had come to know. Since she was highly recommended by my colleagues, I was confident our collaboration wouldn’t be in vein. Our first meeting was delightful (she spoke excellent English) as we laid the groundwork for what would become several years of collaboration whenever I arrived in town for a book signing, an exhibit or to make new erotic pictures. She was a muse. On this particular visit, I checked in to the Hotel Regina, one of my favorite places to reside in the 1st Arrondissement. I was shooting for Penthouse. No expense would be sparred with regards to hotel accommodations. The suites were expensive, but it was well worth the investment. Bob Guccione, owner, publisher of Penthouse, patron of the arts loved the look of rich, and expensive. He would pay handsomely for that look it if he liked your work and you knew how to deliver the goods.

The suite I reserved at the Hotel Regina featured a view of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre which was just across the street and the Tuileries garden. It had a small balcony where you could step out and affirm that you were in the heart of Paris, as the motorist sped down the famous Rue de Rivoli into the wee hours of the morning. It was a fitting setting for what would take place in the elegantly appointed 19th century decor environment throughout the day between Natasha and her friend from their hometown in St. Petersburg, Russia. Angelina, arrived at the suite with long brown hair tied back in a ponytail. She was new to the city of lights and if memory serves me correctly, I was the first photographer to photograph her nude since she was new to photographers who worked within the erotic milieu. Angelina was a little timid at first. She felt more confident and at ease with her sensuality when Natasha, an experienced nude model, expertly steered her to the extremes of homoerotic pleasure.


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A. H. Scott: Angel Light


Family Album


Photography and Text by A. H. Scott, Copyright 2017


As I walked past my mother’s bedroom late afternoon yesterday, my eyes were attracted to something I was surprised at seeing. It was a tiny patch of sunshine upon the edge of her bed.



Mother’s Bedroom


I stood silent, but began to smile to myself. In that snap of a second in time; a miracle of karma, remembrance and just an unseen gift from the heavens was allowed me by my eyes seeing that sight.

 I couldn’t let the image pass without capturing it. And, the inspiration for the poem titled, “Angel Light” flowed through me.







Just us three

My Dad, my Mom, and Me

Life’s hourglass shifted

Just us two

My Mom and Me

Shift of hourglass came last year once more

Now, it’s just me

Aspects of my Dad and my Mom are seen in me through the eyes of my family

Vocal similarity of my Mom is heard across a telephone line

Chubby cheeks of my Dad is seen within family members’ eyes

For me, it’s the essence of these two remarkable souls that I embrace in living memory

Then, like a sign from heaven above, I saw you once more

And, there it happened as I walked past Mom’s open bedroom door

Comforting light of joy that cradled my core

With their angel light flickering forever bright inside of my heart; the light of love which they selflessly gave me came from this baby’s first breath from the start

Angel light…..gratitude eternal


About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by A. H. Scott, go here


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Diary: Rooftop With a View of Beauty

Rooftop With a View


Photography and Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017




It was an unusually clear and cheerfully sunny day in Amsterdam when I called upon a local modeling agency that I was working with to cast models for an upcoming book project.  The agency sent over a  21 year old Dutch beauty for the casting. After a brief talk with the new subject in my apartment, we proceeded up a crawl space  via a  narrow set of wooden stairs to the rooftop of the building that overlooked the Warmoesstraat, a bustling street in the Red Light district of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, loaded with tourists from all walks of life as they window shopped for prostitutes who were legally selling sex for a fee down on the famous street below.  Fortunately, the roof of my apartment was on the top floor of a street that ran perpendicular to the Warmoesstraat.  The model and I felt secluded from the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood teeming with sex seekers even though one could easily here the constant negotiations that were underway by the tourists who were soliciting the “window girls” down below.

Dutch women in general seem to be more comfortable with their beauty and sexuality as was the case with this lovely young native who innocently laid on a steel girder that was often used by tenet’s in our building  to hoist large pieces of furniture up to and through the windows of the old apartment complex. The small winding staircases so common to Dutch apartment dwellings in this section of town made it nearly impossible to deliver large pieces of furniture into the comfort of one’s home without the use of a hoist and a large open window. On this day the girder served a much more noble purpose. The locals in the vicinity who lived in taller apartment buildings benefited by the castings that took place on my rooftop on days when the weather put everyone in the neighborhood at ease, and in the mood to enjoy the simplest pleasures of man and his irresistible nature to enjoy beauty.


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