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Ria Vaidya: Icon


Photography and Brand Concept by Ria Vaidya, Copyright 2018




Psychotic but Iconic


An icon is a symbol. They are people that represent something significant. In this generation, the spectrum of fashion style has been expanded. One of the emerging trends of this generation is the idea of all black, grey and white, also known as monochrome. In the past, being bold in your fashion often had a lot to do with the colors you showcased. ICON is a clothing line that encompasses an individual who chooses to live as a bold minimalist. The brand plays on the irony of how a minimalist who chooses to stick to monochromatic colors can be bold too. ICON is meant to show that deep within these dark color schemes lies a personality that can be interpreted in many ways. A bold minimalist individual could very well be psychotic, but nonetheless they are iconic.


About The Artist: Ria Vaidya is a Senior enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018. To access additional articles by Ria Vaidya, click here



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Sharon Song: Life in Color


Photography and Brand Concept by Sharon Song, Copyright 2018




For this assignment, I decided to create a brand that reflects the importance of individuality and day-to-day self-expression. The photographs display an abstract concept of my brand, Song. Song is my last name, but it is also music. To me, music serves as an outlet for the artist and solace for the listener. Each song makes the listener feel something different, the same way colors do. Just like how you change songs depending on your mood, you can change colors too. I kept these ideas in mind when creating my brand, and decided that this concept could be best represented with eye shadow palettes. Much like music, Song aims to add a unique touch of color to every individual’s life. 

In order to stay true to the brand’s identity, I decided to shoot the models in nude. I wanted to depict the brand’s emphasis on feeling comfortable in your own skin every day. Each colored palette is curated to the kind of person you are, and how you want to express yourself to the world. The selection of colors is meant to complement your style and mood.

In a similar sense, the models of this shoot were instructed to pose however they felt most comfortable. They were also given the opportunity to choose the projected image they resonated the most with. As a result, each image in this series is an authentic representation of each individual, and how they were feeling the day of the shoot.


About The Author: Sharon Song is a Senior enrolled in the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018. To access additional articles by Sharon Song, click here



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Linda Ruan: Imitation Kills


Photography and Brand Concept by Linda Ruan, Copyright 2018




simple . unique . stylish


ImitationKills is a clothing brand for women. The goal is to make simple designs without losing the ability to highlight one’s beauty. Like its name, the brand aims to encourage each woman to find her own style instead of purely imitating styles of others. Therefore, rarely do I promote the brand using an image that captures a whole outfit. Three main styles under this brand are Office Style, Street Style, and Night-out Style. However, each piece of design can be cross-listed and mixed together to create a different look.

I am using myself as the model and a tripod as well as a remote control for this assignment. Not being able to see and to control the image position each time during the shoot made the whole process longer and harder. Blurry images occurred because of the inability to position myself at the right focus point.

The lighting that I am using is a reading lamp that can point at a specific direction. Playing with light and shadow is one fun point during this shoot. I tried to use a flashlight but the result was too plain and flat. The reading lamp, on the other side, gave each image a richer texture and a more complex background. Since the location for this shoot was in my apartment where the space and body movement was limited, the reading lamp was in fact necessary.

In the editing part, I edited three styles in different colors. Black and white for the OL style to create a serious yet sexy mood. A warm red-yellowish filter for the street style to emphasize the energetic feeling that typically embodied in that style. Original lighting effect was used for the night-out style but a strong contrast was added to construct an ambiguous mood. The brand name was typed in bright red color and was placed at the bottom right corner of each image.


About The Author: Linda Ruan is a sophomore with Painting and Art History concentration at Bryn Mawr College.  To access additional articles by Linda Ruan, go here



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Jingyi Sun: Black Appeal


Photography and Brand Concept by Jingyi Sun, Copyright 2018



Xiaonan_Chen_fashion_photography_Tony_Ward_Studio_Asian_classy_UPenn_student_fashionable_hat_earrings copy

Portrait of Jingyi Sun by Xiaonan Chen, Copyright 2018

About The Photographer: Jingyi Sun is enrolled in the Masters of Architecture program at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Alexis Masino: Werk It

Photography and Brand Concept by Alexis Masino, Copyright 2018




Clothes made for women are either too restrictive or too casual. You can choose between professional garments or athletic wear. But what if you want both simultaneously? What if you want a wardrobe made for work and play?

That’s the goal of WERK IT: clothes you can wear anytime, anywhere, for any occasion. Whether you’re at work or at the gym, WERK IT garments are guaranteed to bend and twist any which way you need them all while maintaining a snug, comfortable fit to your body. Our line makes different styles of pants, blouses, and sweaters for professional, casual, or relaxation wear. And with an array of colors and designs, you are guaranteed to find something you’ll love.

Finally, there is a universal, nonrestrictive brand of clothing for women. WERK IT gives you the flexibility to do anything – literally.

WERK IT: For women on the move.


About The Author: Alexis Masino is a freshman enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020.  To access additional articles by Alexis Masino, go here



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