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A.H. Scott: What Happened to Trump’s Brain?


What Happened to Trump’s Brain?


Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2017


Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 1977




He paces with anxiety and mutters to himself alone

Taste for strawberries isn’t on his mind, as two scoops of ice cream or an appetite for meatloaf may give a bit of solace to him in this historic home

Watched in silence are those who dwelled here before he did

Milhous whispers, “Your reputation is on the fast track of outdoing me, kid”

Andrew chuckles, “You don’t even know I was dead before the war began”

Johnson chimes in, “I came up with sounder visions when I was sitting on the can”

JFK dismissively whistles, “Your level of tact can only fill a thimble”

Ronald wisely quips, “Bonzo had more sense than you. And, my personality was ever more nimble”

Clinton says in his Southern drawl, “Call me what you will, but my hands ain’t small”

W. sighs, “So, you wanted to toss dirt on my days in office. Well, my, my, my”

Man who mutters and paces places hands over ears

He makes it clear that these voices isn’t what he wants to hear

Rush of wind blows through the Oval Office doors, as he looks over and sees the man who lived there a few months before

He rubs his eyes and screams, “No, it can’t be you!”

Man from Illinois via Hawaii isn’t standing there in the flesh

Yet, his spirit of brotherhood filled this place of lost happiness

Mutterer grumbles this man’s name like a curse every time it is spoken from his bitter lip, “Oh, so now it’s you. So, what’s your smart-ass quip?”

A voice filled the air and said ever so soberly, “This job ain’t no joke. This is the White House and not some luncheonette casually selling Pepsi or Coke”

Yet, the resident who is now President decided to be a carbonation of resentment

Orange Crush isn’t refreshment

Orange Crush is a man without sanity or attachment

Unlinked from the truth that stares him in the face

Scaffolding of his psyche has vanished without a trace

Signposts of the past can be seen as history to some

Yet, history is alive in the marrow of democracy of today and all the tomorrows to come


About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by A. H. Scott, go here


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A. H. Scott: Angel Light


Family Album


Photography and Text by A. H. Scott, Copyright 2017


As I walked past my mother’s bedroom late afternoon yesterday, my eyes were attracted to something I was surprised at seeing. It was a tiny patch of sunshine upon the edge of her bed.



Mother’s Bedroom


I stood silent, but began to smile to myself. In that snap of a second in time; a miracle of karma, remembrance and just an unseen gift from the heavens was allowed me by my eyes seeing that sight.

 I couldn’t let the image pass without capturing it. And, the inspiration for the poem titled, “Angel Light” flowed through me.







Just us three

My Dad, my Mom, and Me

Life’s hourglass shifted

Just us two

My Mom and Me

Shift of hourglass came last year once more

Now, it’s just me

Aspects of my Dad and my Mom are seen in me through the eyes of my family

Vocal similarity of my Mom is heard across a telephone line

Chubby cheeks of my Dad is seen within family members’ eyes

For me, it’s the essence of these two remarkable souls that I embrace in living memory

Then, like a sign from heaven above, I saw you once more

And, there it happened as I walked past Mom’s open bedroom door

Comforting light of joy that cradled my core

With their angel light flickering forever bright inside of my heart; the light of love which they selflessly gave me came from this baby’s first breath from the start

Angel light…..gratitude eternal


About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by A. H. Scott, go here


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Trump’s Marriage to Lady Liberty: Heaven or Hell?


Artwork by Alexandra Rouvet Duvernoy


Artwork and Text by Alexandra Rouvet Duvernoy, Copyright 2017




The golden rays bathed the entrance on this November morning, bringing with him sweetness and hope of a beautiful day.

I am happy when I leave my flat to see this beautiful clear blue sky, to hear the pinchers gurgling in the yard, to feel at the bend of an alley, bathed in a warm light, the tender and delicious treasures of the bakers, twirling on my high heels.

I join my friend, Miss Liberty, in the tea room which is at the corner of Saint Tolerance Street and Compassion Boulevard, just in front of the old park, Democracy.

I push the heavy glass and wrought iron “Chez Socrates”‘s door and I see that she is already waiting for me, fresh and smiling, the cheekbones dew, with gourmet lips, and her large open and sparkling eyes. She is impatient and excited at the thought that her American parents are choosing a new husband for her today. She has been used for thousand of years to be married by her Europeans, Asians, Africans, Americans and others parents. But still today, Mr. and Mrs USA have to choose her new husband for the next 4 years. They have a decisive choice in their hands and Miss Liberty is confident in them, she believes in their wisdom to offer her the wisest partner.

I sit next to her and take the smoking cup she gives me. The perfum of cherry tea mixed with hers is so sweet that it moves me.

She is feverish with so much agitation and confides in  me that she has her preferences between the different candidates, but that she will rely on the sovereign choice of her parents.

The hours pass long, interminable, this waiting becomes heavy. Miss Liberty,  her hands cold and stomach tight, a doubt assails her, and grows to the point of gripping her throat. I see her turning pale, twisting her long and graceful fingers. She moves a lot…

Finally, the choice of a church is announced, it will be Sainte Mary Bank; it doesn’t go over well. The first clue suggests that the ceremony will not be as romantic as expected.

The sky darkens little by little, a cold wind enters  the chapel next to an old, dark, wrinkled,  old man, all dressed in black. He puts a necklace with a rope and chain around Miss Liberty. I remain speechless, we cry out in the heart and her supplicating look breaks my heart.

Everything is linked at a vertiginous speed, a real whirlwind, our heads caught in this rash round, we arrive in the middle of an assembly equally astounded by the site of this marriage.

There we discover – The One – who takes the reindeer in hand, wild face, cheerful childish face of a bad little boy winning after a whim, with piercing and icy cold eyes, and without having had time to recover her shock and disbelief, Miss Liberty hears the fateful words:

-” Mr. Trump do you wish to marry Miss USA Liberty?

– I Do

– Miss Liberty Usa, do you hear?

-I Do…”



Alexandra at the Hotel Regina, Paris. Photo: Tony Ward


About The Author: Alexandra Rouvet Duvernoy has a degree in Fine Arts from Bordeaux’s Beaux Art School in France, in opera singing from a French conservatory where she studied with Denise Lacroix and has practiced for 20 years as a ballet dancer under the tutelage of Monique Mallo and Nathalie Michaud.  Alexandra has  modeled for some French magazines as a fashion model and then later explored  glamour and erotic modeling for photographer Tony Ward and others. These different visions of Art; dance, music, photography and of course painting and drawing, mixed with a lot of traveling around the world, has aided in developing her distinctive artwork. She was recently  published by Afnor in France, and has  published some comics. A book of baroque texts and illustrations for a French publishing house is due to be published later this year.


To see additional work by Alexandra Rouvet Duvernoy, go here



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Noel Zheng: Domestic



Photography, Text and Video Interview by Noel Zheng, Copyright 2017




It’s so easy for us now to just think that our lives are more important than that of others when in reality, doing so is such a monumental act of ego. Who do you really think you are?




In a midst of a life full of self-obsession; in a life where we all seek self-validation—and are no doubt given it through means of the media, paper-thin companions and, surprise surprise, self-ego—we forget that we are not the centre of the universe. Everybody has problems. Wake up.




(I feel like in this point in this narrative, I need to qualify that self-confidence is different; possibly the antipodal in social definition of all that I have victimized just now. Self- confidence is healthy, because it is both valuing yourself and others in an equal plane.)




In this shoot, I aim to target this very line of egotistical reasoning by pinpointing possibly the most baseline movement in history: the equality of the sexes. This is not to undermine any other social activism regarding the equality of sexuality, race or politics, but quite the contrary; it is indeed to propel and support these movements further, as the idea behind this shoot can, and should, be applied to all social, cultural and economic activist movements.




I have named this shoot “#DOMESTIC” (not domestic). The idea of domestication—of the domesticated wife, the woman who must look elegant and be elegant in any and every scenario, the Mrs. who will has dinner ready for the husband when he returns home from work—is criticized in these paradoxical images. The play on “you are what you eat” and “the woman in the kitchen” are combined to produce snapshot-like polaroids of the expectations on women.



But be careful: do not doubt for a second that these images define perfection, they only seem beautiful.




“DOMESTIC”-by Noel Zheng



 About The Author: Noel Zheng is a freshmen enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020. To access additional articles by Noel Zheng, go here:




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Ruowen Lu: Waterless






During my childhood there was a beautiful lake by my house. For all the kids growing up in the neighborhood, the lake was like our backyard – a place to play and see friends. About 5 years ago, the city decided to reclaim the lake into land for commercial use. Water was drained and replaced with a luxury shopping district. People got used to the new center quickly, but for me, every time I walked by the mall, I still see the lake I used to play around. With some nostalgia, confusion, and primarily helplessness- Waterless is made.

It was my first time making a video and I didn’t know any filmmaking techniques or rules. I planned out the scenes in my head and just went for them. When I first started shooting, I only had two scenes in mind and came up with the dream scene much later. Initially, the water balloon part was just to contrast the past with the waterless “reality.” However, my film teacher inspired me with the idea of using a war metaphor to create a sense of irony to the dream scene. Likewise, with other spontaneous decisions, I added random elements to the film but luckily the dots all connected at the end and served the overall story well.

Looking back, I am glad this is my first film experience. In a way, ignorance of the filming rules gave me freedom and allowed me to follow my heart.  Now after having more experience, I can’t approach a film without worrying about the structure of the story, character development, etc.  Sometimes, when I am overthinking my work, I think about Waterless and tell myself to relax because the story will come together at the end.



Portrait of Ruowen Lu

About The Author: Ruowen discovered her passion for film last year when she made a video for her acting class. She now studies at the University of Pennsylvania, intending to major in environmental science and cinema studies. She hopes to use her artistic skills to advocate for the environment and helps green organization reach high impact. Ruowen also has a background in theatre and sometimes acts in her own films when she has spontaneous ideas. Even though it is hard to operate the camera while acting, Ruowen finds it fun and a great way to make short experimental films.

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