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Venice Beach: Portrait of the Day


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Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017


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Dad: Happy Father’s Day


Milt Ward: Elkins Park, Pa. 1955



In Memorium


Milt Ward: July 30th, 1917 – October 31, 2003


Photo: Self-Portrait by Milt Ward at home in the fall of 1955, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.

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Noel Zheng: Through My Looking Glass

Photography and Text by Noel Zheng, Copyright 2017




New York presents itself as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with the projections of the high life. But in reality, especially for such a fast-paced, goal-oriented city, the dreams that drove people to this place can easily be pushed to the back in a quick wisp of ‘need to do this, and that’… and before anyone knows it, that one self-deserving person is moulded into another passer-by; one in the other eight million people in this city of all cities.

But New York is really something, because people don’t lose hope. I mean, amongst all the elegant skyscrapers, and street vendors, and honking taxis, and fast-paced people, and get- the-f***-out-of-my-ways, a city so big is bound to have something for someone. But maybe it is just that: that New York can give you exactly what you want, but only when you don’t want it.

Every time I go, New York is a little bit different. This time, it felt nostalgic even though I never grew up there; it seemed dull yet vital; it carried a connotation of melancholy, of a honey-will-you-be-back-for-dinner, of a time that seemed to have just slipped through our fingers before us noticing it was gone.

Through these series of photographs, I capture New York City through my view-finder; through my looking glass; through the perspective that I encouraged myself to see. Although you might not find your New York in this, I see a snippet of my New York; and isn’t that the most powerful thing about this? For every photo to tell a slightly different story for everyone; just like the city I try to tell about.


About The Author: Noel Zheng is a freshmen enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020. To access additional articles by Noel Zheng, go here:


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A.H. Scott: Could It Be His Kiss?


Paint America Great Again by Taqiy Muhammad, Copyright 2017



Poetry by A. H. Scott




Could it be his kiss?

Well, it sure as Hell ain’t bliss

In his squint there’s something amiss

Could it be what’s in his kiss?

Or, far worse than delusion is what we dread

Tiny hands are nothing compared to the voices inside his head

The world loves you, Donald!

No matter how vicious you are to the powerless poor

The world loves you, Donald!

With a glint in his eye, smiling budgeter Mick “The Meat Cleaver” Mulvaney slickly slices the throat

The world loves you, Donald!

Reality TV is nothin’ we’re gonna laugh at now

Omarosa is the real deal, standin’ by your side

Could it be his kiss?

Maybe like an anesthetic, his magical pucker holds followers to sway in euphoric ecstasy

Any way the wind blows, can be like the truth or lies

Blow, baby, blow!

Surprise! Surprise! Surpise!

It’s Kellyanne “The Fact Whisperer” Conway, getting ready for her expanding 15 on the fly

The world loves you, Donald!

Daily detractors have met their match in Sean “The Man Tryin’ To Keep A Straight Face” Spicer

The world loves you, Donald!

And, who could forget that man of callous cannon, Steve “The Bureaucratic Blaster” Bannon

If their minds can match, why can’t their lips?

Could it be his kiss?

Wake up, world!

That conning pie hole ain’t worth the risk

Selling wolf tickets like they’re going out of style

What’s in his kiss?

Something ever so vile

That kinda affection he’s bringin’ forth is a poisonous mile

Kiss off!

Ban this!

Piss off!

Ban that!

Grease up and pucker hard

The world loves you, Donald!

And, the world is your dance card


Painting by Taqiy Muhammad, Copyright 2017


About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by A. H. Scott, go here


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