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Alberto Jimenez: What’s Up Now? It’s 2017






It is 2017 and with one year of Donald Trump as president we have seen a lot of changes in the U.S political climate. The Black Lives Matter movement has been more prevalent since Trump took office. The people of color community has been more united after the continuous threats and attacks on each minority group. The president’s travel ban and the removal of DACA. Women have also been in the line of fire by the president. The president was caught on audio explaining how when you are a celebrity you can easily grab a woman by her pussy. He has also been involved in various sexual assault allegations. Trump has been in the news a lot, not only for attacking these communities, but because of Russia’s hacking allegations.

My collection explores the several topics that have involved Trump. All pictures have a warm look to it, almost making the picture orange representing the presence Trump has on each topic. Before Trump’s presidency, Trump said he would make marijuana a state issue. However, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is completely against marijuana. Another situation in which Trump’s stance is a bit ambiguous is his relationship with Russia. Many believe he knew about the Russia hacking. I touch on these topics by including a picture of someone smoking that I took in my travels to California and the picture of a phone hacked making it seem as Trump being in charge. The other pictures represent situations where Trump has given has stance. For example, the 49ers helmet represents Colin Kaepernick, the NFL player that started the taking the knee movement during the national anthem. Trump took to twitter to give his opinion on this, claiming it to be wrong and disrespectful. Kaepernick’s stance is not to disrespect our soldiers or the flag, but to bring awareness to how disrespected the Black community is in America. He is trying to make people aware that Black Lives Matter which was a movement that originated when the 17-year-old, unarmed Trayvon Martin, was shot and killed and the murderer was able to roam free. I try to capture that Trump has not done anything to help the Black community, he even fails to denounce white supremacy. In fact, he encourages racist behavior by applying a travel ban on large populated Muslim countries and removing Daca. I represent these topics with a united airlines plane and a resist fist with a Dominican flag. We are supposed to be a united nation, but it seems like Trump’s administration divides the nation. Lastly, my picture with a toy cat being choked by an orange hand represents how Trump and his administration is tightening the grip on female oppression.

Trump has had an influence on all these topics and it seems like he has not made anything better. I hope that as a nation, we can unite and solve a lot of the issues that plague our nation today.    



About The Author: Alberto Jiminez is a Senior enrolled in the School of Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018. To access additional articles by Alberto Jimenez, click here:


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Lecture & Exhibition: South Philly Traditions


South Philly Traditions

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TWS: K Vaughn Scarves

Photo by Michael Heath, Copyright 2017

I wear K Vaughn Scarves


Portrait of Tony Ward by Michael Heath, Copyright 2017


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December 2017: Old School Shirt Makers New York


Kevin Stewart: Old School Shirt Makers New York

Kevin Stewart: Old School Shirt Makers New York


Lab Session: Text by Kevin Stewart, Copyright 2017


Sharing your life’s work, your passion, your craft with students opens you up to examining your body of work like a vaulted time capsule newly unearthed. On Tuesday, November 14, 2017 I spoke to a Fashion Photography class at UPenn. The teacher, Tony Ward my friend and colleague, invited me. How could I say no? Our few hours together were broken into three segments; Lecture, Q&A, Student assignment. 

I presented a slice of my work in publishing, explaining a Fashion Directors role and responsibilities to achieve a final photo worthy for public viewing. I emphasized the importance of the photographer selection and ultimately the relationship between the Fashion Director + Photographer and achieving a successful outcome. The students were attentive and interested in the process. Questions proved to me that they saw their role in the craft as needing to be continually open to exploring ideas, techniques and collaboration. 

Then came the fun part for me, hopefully for the students as well, getting to work. I styled the models in my most recent addition to the Old School Shirt Makers New York collection, Roger Charles bow ties and knitwear + fiber art by K. The students were divided into groups, assignments in hand, cameras ready; they went off to make magic happen through the lens. I witnessed several of the students applying what they had been taught. I saw artistic adventure, working with the models, the space, the lighting and using their talents to capture THE shot. Some students were quiet and serious, some were very methodical and a handful were playful and relaxed. There is no right or wrong way, it’s about finding your way. 

My capsule reveals the journey I took and how I did what I did, my way. The students I had the pleasure to speak with and collaborate with have a lifetime to fill up their capsule. I hope their journey leads them to a place where they can reflect back and say, this is who I am and I created this. 

Thank you Tony, my friend, for another experience added to the journey. 

Kevin Stewart 





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Paul Mojica: R.I.P.

Paul Mojica rest in peace

Paul Mojica: R.I.P.

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