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Julia Chun: Aesthetic in the Non-Aesthetic




Photography, Text and Video by Julia Chun, Copyright 2017




As a photographer, it is always a joy to be able to photograph aesthetic objects or models that fill the frame without much pre nor post processing. The process of depicting an inherently flat and mundane object in a visually appealing way puts much more weight on the photographer’s part. However challenging that may be, it is a privilege as an artist to be able to freely picture any subject as he or she wants to and produce artwork that can shine a new light on the way the subject is commonly perceived.

I decided to challenge myself by photographing an object that requires extensive micromanagement in placement of the object, lighting, and editing. Bringing back a hobby I used to enjoy back in middle school, I photographed variations of a Rubik’s cube.

The neon colorings of the cubes were visual cacophony and the objects were rather flat. It was difficult to incorporate ambient lighting or environmental features that I heavily relied on in most of my previous photo shoots. Thus, I tried to step away from focusing on the given visuals and bring out the various compositional elements that their shapes had to offer.

For some pictures, I wanted to really emphasize the shapes each cube contains and those that are formed when the cubes are placed together. All shapes I would be watching out for when searching for compositional elements were present except for a circle, which I was able to add into the scene by stacking cubes in a cyclic shape or introducing new objects such as a wine glass.

For others, I wanted to depict cubes as good aesthetics. People immediately respond to solving cubes and understanding mathematical theories behind the equations as hard, difficult to approach, and not even nerdy. I hoped to create a picture using cubes that portrays them as objects much more soft and pleasing, which is not frequently done by people who enjoy solving cubes.

Both purposes were served by heavy editing in color filtering and changing the lightings. Many visual effects such as reflection, gloss, and shades were incorporated in the pictures, and most of the pictures feel almost graphic in their depiction, deviating from the objects’ actual colors.



Portrait of Julia Chun by Karen Liao, Copyright 2017

Portrait of Julia Chun by Karen Liao, Copyright 2017


About The Author: Julia Chun is a computer science major enrolled in the School of Arts & Science, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2019.

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Bryan Abrams: Private Versace Collection – Fall 2017






Portrait of Bryan Abrams by Jessica Moh, Copyright 2017

Portrait of Bryan Abrams by Jessica Moh, Copyright 2017






Alexis Masino

Corey Fader

Elizabeth Beugg

Noa Baker

Amber Shi

Jinghong Cui

Joy Lewis

Karishma Sheth

Sharon Song

Rongrong Liu

Jessica Moh

Noel Zheng

Michael Heath

Linda Ruan

Marcus Tappan

Ria Vaidya


Makeup: Aysha Silagy


Models: Main Line Models & Talent


Sony Giusti

Agustin Maltese

Katie Shewell

Marium Ali

Dena Hertel

Katty Pena

Morgan Bailey

Annamarie Pepeta

Katie McCaffery

Sabrian Schneeman


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TWS: November 2017


TWS: Portfolio Classics


Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017


Portrait of Res, R&B singer for Vibe Magazine, New York. 1999


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Alexis Masino: Fashion is Genderless


Photography and Text by Alexis Masino, Copyright 2017




I chose to focus this editorial on something vital to the fashion industry which is often not used as a focal point: makeup. Makeup has traditionally been associated with femininity and up until recently, branded exclusively for women. Even now, most makeup advertising is geared toward women. The specific styles I crafted on the models (Phil Tedros, Andrew Mulson, Grace Bridy, and Brandon Texeira) were yellow eyeshadow, peach colored brows, electric blue cat eye, and dichromatic eyeshadow. I chose these trends for two reasons. My first idea was that I wanted to capture lots of bright colors, toying with the idea of femininity. But these trends also all made an appearance as popular trends among high fashion, used in shows and documented by brands like Vogue, in this past season. I noticed these trends were more commonly than not observed on women and the photographs paired with articles were almost entirely of female figures. To combat this stereotype I casted my models with the goal of role reversal, showing makeup trends mainly on male figures and with an aura of androgyny in place of femininity. I instructed the models to wear all black as to allow for complete focus on the makeup. The shoot took place in a studio for the sake of maintaining complete control over lighting and flash, specifically to properly capture the models’ faces up close and accentuate the proper hues of the makeup. Shooting at the ISO of 400 was a choice made after several test shots to minimize the warmth of the lights, but not reach too high of a number where grain would begin to appear in the photographs. The post-production editing involved reinforcing all these ideas in my vision by enhancing the colors and drowning out distractions.



Portrait of Alexis Masino by Corey Fader, Copyright 2017

About The Author: Alexis Masino is a freshman enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020.  To access additional articles by Alexis Masino, go here



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Joy Lewis: Chilly Weather Fashion


Photography and Text by Joy Lewis, Copyright 2017




As chilly weather is starting to make an appearance in Philadelphia I thought a spread on jackets couldn’t be any more relevant. I personally love jackets because they’re such an easy “throw on and go” statement piece. Jackets can vary in color, size, pattern and material making outfit combinations with jackets limitless. For this shoot I chose to use a single model wearing the same top, jeans and shoes and the same dark paper background for each photo because I really wanted to enhance the jackets and make it clear that they are the intended focus of this spread.

Personally, I am a big fan of originality and differentiating myself from others and that is what led me to my model choice. Of course I could have chosen subjects that fit the typical stereotype of a model, but instead I chose a subject with features that are not typically prevalent in the model industry. I had my model wear little to no makeup and wear her hair the way that she would on any average day. I also wanted the lighting in these photos to be somewhat portrait like and to give the picture an added softness. By choosing to use this light and this model my goal of the shoot was to accentuate the features of naturally beautiful.

I am a lover of the fashion industry, fashion magazines, and all things fashion, but I am also a lover of natural beauty and I think this is something that the fashion industry doesn’t typically choose to portray. Because of this I wanted to use this assignment as an opportunity to create a spread that appealed to my taste in fashion as well as my fondness of natural beauty.



Portrait of Joy Lewis by Alexis Masino, Copyright 2017


About The Author: Joy Lewis is a Junior enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2019.

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