• A.H. Scott: Eclipse

    Eclipse 1

    Posted on August 2, 2011 by A.H. Scott


    Nude alongside him
    I felt like a half moon kissing the setting sun
    My eyes were closed and he asked me to open them
    When I did, I melted beneath the gaze of his affection
    He was so warm and wanting on this bed of desire we’d made
    Smell of sweat and ecstasy filled the room
    Silky left thigh rested atop his
    I ran my fingers along his handle of love on the right side
    He chuckled as I touched him, like a little kitten with a fluffy toy
    Reaching behind my back, his hand reached those buns of joy
    Now, I chuckled as a few pats of a melody began to play
    Ocean blue was within view, as this house rested along the beach
    Dusk made an alliance with a few stars in the sky
    I started to tingle with every tap of that hand against my asset
    Yet, he began to squeeze me like an accordion
    Oh, being played ever so lightly by a man of sexual delight was nice
    My body rolled away from this melody that he played and kiss him ever so lightly
    I placed my hands on either side of his cheeks and cradled his face with my palms
    We saw each other, bare and raw
    In this moment, I wanted him inside of me
    Nothing less, nothing more
    Muscles on his body were well toned with care
    Having him holding me in his arms made me quite aware
    I laid beneath him, as he penetrated more than my flesh
    He interrogated my soul with every insertion
    My arms became like ropes holding him in place atop of me
    Tighter and tighter I held on to him
    Painted nails and fingertips left tiny impressions on this sensual swath of clay in my midst
    He opened my carnal canal like a Gondolier along a waterway in Venice
    Barely able to contain myself, I whispered something in his ear
    A single word took his breath away
    Inside of me he came
    Like channeling a book title from Jacqueline Susann, “Once Is Not Enough”
    Enough was never enough for a pair of passionate souls as we are
    We made love until the morning sun began to ripen
    I’d always thought it was just a passing fancy for he and I
    Eclipse of doubt left through the billowing curtains and onward out to sea


    Eclipse 2

    About The Author: Draped in freedom’s spirit, A.H. Scott is a sizzling scribe of unveiling sensuality. Residing in the Northeastern United States, this writer is armed with pouting pen of passion and pulsating digits pounding against keyboard. Between this lady’s manicured fingers, a snaggy stylus lacerates parchment and masticates digits against a misting keyboard towards a just climax literary longing. She’s a new voice and vision of fiction. who has been writing short stories and poetry ever since childhood.

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    • admin

      Oh, Tony, Tony, Tony, my quivering thighs thank you for placing my words next to those delicious pictures. They have an elegance to them, even though they are scorching hot. It even has a smattering of Shibari to it. Nice touch, Tony. Bound together in lust, a couple can always find that glint of nirvana in the midnight hour. In the second pic, it’s nice to see a lady that grabs exactly what she wants. She’s bold and oh so lucky. Good grief, Tony, your camera lens must be sealed in asbestos..LOL!!

      Well, as I write this note of gratitude to you tonight, I know I will sleep warm, tight and with dreams oh so blue, Tony..;) Thanks!