August: 2022

Homepage for August 2022 featuring musician and vocalist Shanell Verandez
Homepage: August 2022


. Shanell Verandez:

. Bob Shell: Virginia Giveth, Virginia Taketh Away:

. Seward Johnson Atelier:

. Pat Cleveland: Legend of Fashion Modeling:

. Milan Burnett: A Gift From The Universe:

. Bob Shell: Gun Control:

. Harvey Finkle: Under One Sky:

. Berrisford Boothe: Selected Works:

. Amanda Stevenson: The Creative Process:

. Mikel Elam: Diverse Works of Art:

. Harvey Finkle: Mothers:

. Michael Elam: Trauma:

. A.H. Scott: True Believers and Tallywackers:

. Bob Shell: Virginia Enters the Dark Ages:

. Megan McGory: Essence

. Everlast! by A.H. Scott:

. Harvey Finkle: A Legend Amongst Us:

. Hypnosis-Good or Evil?:

. Mikel Elam: Our Creative Consciousness:

. The Long Haul by Katie Kerl: