Jingwen “Felix” Qiang: Apart



In 1979, Manchester Band Joy Division wrote their most well-known song << Love will tear us apart>>. However, interesting fashion people will not be apart anyone in APART. 	APART is an collaborative fashion brand that attracting and combining young talented fashion designers design. We are a brand offers quality minimalism high-end urban style online store as well as a physical store and space that young people not only can find your click fashion taste from our designer, but also meet the right people who has similar taste with you and have a good conversation. You can easily find more than fifty deliberately selected talent fashion designers’ collection from all over the world just in the store located in Soho, New York City as well as browsing and purchasing our collection in our online store. This is the place that you will find your urban style.   	In the store, we also offer quality fair trade organic coffee in the coffee bar besides designers’ amazing collections just to give you a comfy rest from shopping. Maybe you will find another soul, even our designers in the store and can easily grab a cup of coffee and have a nice conversation with them about the most vibrant fresh perspective of fashion. 	Stop by, try on some amazing collection, and grab a cup of fine coffee, this is your afternoon.  	Find your urban style, find you clicking people.




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Brand Concept and Photography by Jingwen “Felix” Qiang, Copyright 2015


About The Author: Jingwen Felix Qiang is a Suzhou-Philadelphia based artist. She is currently pursuing her masters degree in mathematics at Bryn Mawr College. She intends to apply her knowledge of mathematics to the business of photography. While spending the last four years in all women’s college, Jingwen has been exploring identity, human nature, beauty and the idea of relationships with her camera.  She is also interested in multi-media, and her next approach will be filmmaking. To see additional posts by Jingwen Felix Qiang, go to the search bar at the bottom of the page: type in photographer’s name and click the search icon.

Julie Chu Cheong: Neo (n) Noir


Photography and Text by Julie Chu Cheong


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Photography and Text by Julie Chu Cheong, Copyright 2015

About The Author: Julie Chu Cheong is a sophomore enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania. Class of 2018. To read more article by Julie Chu Cheong, go to the search bar at the bottom of the page, type in author’s name: click the search icon.

Kanako Tajima: Tobemyself

Kanako Tajima_ fashion_concept_ad branding

Photography and Text by Kanako Tajima



Everyone says it is important to be “yourself” these days. Quotes like “Believe in yourself” “Beauty is what you feel about yourself” are overflowing everywhere. In daily life, in school and even in social media, your authenticity is expected and fakeness is criticized. But, what it is like to be myself”? Hearing all of these quotes without knowing who yourself is could be painful.

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Finding your true self is not easy without  proper guidance. Tobemyself guides you to help finding your true self! Identifying your preference and taste of style is a very important first step. With wide varieties of vintage/boho accessories and clothing, you will definitely be able to find your authentic style in Tobemyself.


From retro sunglasses to vintage scarf’s, and accessories from all over the world, Tobemyself only provides collected and carefully selected pieces that have history in it. All of the products went through a journey with someone, somewhere, and you are going to be the next owner who goes through the best moments in life.

Tobemyself is not just a clothing brand. It is a life advisor. We aim to empower you by the hint of life advice. Love, inspire, feel, wander… these are our motto that guide you through the self-exploration. Tobemyself is s life experience.


What it takes “Tobemyself”? We will go through the journey together with perfect products waiting for you. Come and explore. You will surely find the piece that will stay with you for the years to come, the piece that lets you “Tobeyourself”.


Photography and Text by Kanako Tajima, Copyright 2015


About The Author: Kanako Tajima is a junior enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017. To read more articles by Kanko Tajima, go to the search bar at the bottom of the page, type in author’s name, click the search icon.