A.H. Scott: Threaded by Choice


Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2016


Poetry by A. H. Scott




If a world be a stage, then a stage be a world 

Enough room for all, no need to crowd

Together we are with common bonds unbowed

Theatrics of fashion

Baby, take a bow

We’re all fibers in this play called life right now

Headliner, eyeliner

Spotlight, coiffed 

Casual and sophisticated, like a flower anticipating bloom

Theatrics of fashion

For all, there is room 

Rose petals from this bouquet flourish with shades so divine

Ladies nine, oh so fine

Soloist and chorus prepare their performance

Hemlines and fitted fabric may not look similar

But, all which is couture caresses their perimeter

Satin, silk, cotton, gabardine and chiffon

Threading that needle of equality we know we can’t go wrong

Flash of fashion’s sway with style that’s soaring

Without the combination of colors life would be boring 

A single fiber from each has a hell of a lot to teach

Threaded by choice is a decision made

Strength of unity only can persuade

Woven threads together make for fabrics that pop with exuberance and swoon

Colors delight beneath sun and moon 

Life’s beauty is the flair of a spectacular rainbow 

Miracle it is, for that variety is what we make it so 

Threaded by choice

Love is the swatch that overrules hate

Threaded by choice is one we all must make 

Theatrics of fashion, we all have our place

Our hues may be different, but we all are of one human race


About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional poetry by A. H. Scott, go here: https://tonywardstudio.com/blog/h-scott-stain-indifference/


Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2016

A.H. Scott: Stain of Indifference

Tony Ward: House of Prayer, Portraits. 1980.



Posted on July 16, 2016 by A.H. Scott


Stain of Indifference


 Stain of indifference

Cotton white beams bright under the blazing sun

Oh no, don’t worry…but, that was yesterday

Clasped between fingers, crop collected 

Indifference of bullwhip’s sting detected  

Oh no, don’t worry….but, that was yesterday 

Evolved from that time of blight, we proclaim it day and night

Yet, stain of indifference is that white flag of surrender

Back to your life, back to work

A few days of grumbling over injustice occurs

With clockwork’s precision we shed a tear and commiserate in how tragic it all is

Oh no, don’t worry…..but, that was yesterday 

Then it comes as it does like heaven’s tears raining down

On his back a man lies lifeless on the ground 

Would the world have known who he was without that video on the cell phone?

Body cams malfunction 

Well, isn’t that grand?

Oh no, don’t worry…..but, that was yesterday 

Tragedy like this can’t possibly happen again?

What was seen by all must have been some kind of mistake

Or, is something so dire in the summer wind filled with an oncoming heartbreak 

Cotton callin’ from fields far away 

White fabric stained with crimson as sun beams through car window 

Can you hear it now?

Oh no, don’t worry….but, that was yesterday 

Man moans as he takes his last breath

Can you see him now?

Steel held with a death grip in hand and pointing at her with command

Peacemaker claiming a righteous stand

Oh no, don’t worry…but that was yesterday 

Innocence of babe ripped away as she sits in back seat 

Imagine what she saw

Imagine what she heard

Imagine at such a tender age to console her mother she had to find the right word

Oh no, don’t worry….but, that was yesterday 

Imagine as she grows

Who knows? Who knows?

Maybe that stain of indifference is now etched in her heart

A new generation seeing yesterday as today and tomorrow 

Those who are silent in these interesting times, won’t have reason or rhyme

Who is mattered and who is not becomes a call and response if we cannot see our fellow human beings as ourselves

Political pariahs blame the victim as they always do 

Yet, each of us has a stake in uniting together, too

In between the particles of black and white it is ever so clear

Stain of indifference to the fabric of humanity’s core it will tear

Judgment from towers of white is faulted upon sin for those who have never walked in the skin another has lived in


About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional poetry by A. H. Scott, go here: https://tonywardstudio.com/blog/a-h-scott-drawn/

Photography by Tony Ward, House of Prayer, Portraits. Copyright 1980.