Stephen Mallon: Passing East

Caboose. Photo: Stephen Mallon, Copyright 2023



Front Room Gallery located at 205 Warren Street, Hudson, NY is pleased to present, “Passing East” a solo exhibition of photographs by Stephen Mallon. “Passing East” is the third iteration of Mallon’s work following “Passing Freight” and “Passing West.” This series of photographs captures the still active rail lines that carry freight to destinations across the country.  Mallon’s industrial landscape photographs isolate singular freight cars within this iconic transportation system, which has played a critical role in supply infrastructure across the continent for hundreds of years.  

Boxcar CSXT. Photo: Stephen Mallon, Copyright 2023


These trains inhabit their environment, as characters that are not visibly moving but seem completely encapsulated with the landscape around them. Within the frame of the photograph the train cars take up almost all of the composition, yet the little hints above and below them place them in a singular space. In “Flatcar CSX” a rusty line of axls runs almost the length of the photograph sitting on a flatcar at the bottom of the frame. Above the flatcar a lush forest of trees is gently changing from green to orange in the autumn weather. In “Flatcar NOKL” the car seems to be carrying huge burnt umber barn through the snowy landscape. In “Tankcar GATZ” some trickster has graffitied “$20,000…” along the side of the tank car in large green and white cartoonish letters. One wonders what they were thinking, since surely $20,000 would be a bargain for whatever’s inside the tank. In “TOFC CTLZ” a flat car is carrying a trailer that is painted the identical color of the sky, with only the white seams standing out—like Wonder Woman’s invisible plane.

Flatcar CN. Photo: Stephen Mallon, Copyright 2023

These trains are all moving, quite literally. And while they might appear to be stopped in the photograph, it is only for that split second as they pass Stephen Mallon, his camera, and his tripod. Mallon’s procedure involves many elements including the perfect location, light, the individual personality of each car, the trickiness of getting exactly the right moment, and patience. The intersection of mechanical and natural worlds, singular encounters where the trains activate the landscape are hard to predict.

Flatcar NOK. Photo: Stephen Mallon, Copyright 2023

Stephen Mallon is well known for his series “Next Stop Atlantic,” featuring decommissioned NYC Subway cars as they are retired in the depths of the Atlantic 

Hopper NA. Photo: Stephen Mallon, Copyright 2023

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Exhibition Announcement: Artist Statement

Portrait of dominatrix and sub wearing gas mask. She's holding a wip.
Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023

Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2023


Artist Statement

Thirty years ago in 1993. I embarked on a new body of work that explored our rights in America to freedom of expression. My subjects were from all walks of life, from various races, religious backgrounds  and sexual persuasions. This melting pot that stubbornly defines America  formed the palette of a series of black and white photographs that defined an era.  What was that era?  It was the time in which sexual freedom and multiculturalism was on the rise. 

Unfortunately, in these times there are certain bigoted elements of our society that continue to attempt to roll back the hands of time. Sadly, Facisim in America is on the rise. Obsessions as a body of work reminds us of what we once were and still are, a free and open society in which each individual American is free to choose and be who they are.

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Obsessions: Vintage Prints 1993 – 1998

Prisim Arts Philadelphia is hosting Obsessions: Vintage Photographs 1993-1998 by famed photographer Tony Ward
Exhibition Announcement


We invite you to join us for an exploration of human vulnerability and the timeless beauty of the unadorned form. “OBSESSIONS” is an ode to the human spirit, a celebration of the profound authenticity that lies with us.

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Nefertari Williams: Tall Tales

black and white photo of two your beautiful lovers embracing
Obsessions. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023

Text by Nefertari Williams, Copyright 2023


Tall Tales


1. Things got hot and heavy at the end of a date and you wanted to stop and he kept going. Thats your problem. 

2. You are now pregnant and the morning sickness is causing you to miss work so you have no money – dont you bother that good man. 

3. You dont have insurance to see a doctor because you cant work because you are too sick from low iron and constant vomiting – that man should not have to worry about your problems 

4. You need bigger clothes for your growing belly and more food because of the growing baby – you should have thought about that when you grew a uterus

5. The baby needs a crib, clothes, diapers and formula. Strap a vomit bag around your neck and get a second job – dont you dare bother that man about your problems 

6. The delivery will cost thousands of dollars and you need a bigger place to live – you should have thought of that when you were born a woman. Oh well 

7.) Baby is born and you need to go back to work but cant afford child care. Mike Pence says that you need to be more patient and good things will come if you are patient so just keep hope alive.

Men (husbands and spouses) some of you are being quiet about the freedom of choice” debate. 

When I had my heart attack it was unknown what was wrong with me. I was nine months pregnant. My baby was alive but the doctor pumped me full of blood thinners as soon as they realized what was wrong. At that point, a Caesarian section was not an option without killing me however without the medication I would not have survived. 

My doctor made the choice. 

If this happened today, in some states, I would not be alive right now. Politicians would have made the choice. 

Because my MEDICAL professional was able to make the choice my child and I are both alive. 

Please dont let politicians decide whats best for my body. Please leave it to the medical professionals. One day it might be someone you love.


Editor’s Note: These pictures are from Tony Ward’s first book Obsessions, published by Editions Stemmle, Zurich Switzerland in 1998. An exhibition of photography by Tony Ward of the Obsessions pictures from the years 1993 – 1998 will be on display at Prism Arts Philadelphia from October 6th – October 27, 2023. For more information, link here

Studio News: A Masterclass in Portraiture by Neal Slavin

Large group photograph of fencers in ballroom photographed by the famous photographer, Neal Slavin
DC Fencers. Photo: Neal Slavin, Copyright 2023




TWO SPECIAL WORKSHOPS: Saturday, July 29 / Sunday, July 30, 2023 & Saturday, Aug 5th / Sunday, August 6th, 2023.

Requirements: camera & gear, a statement telling us something about yourself and your photography (may include a small sampling of your work) which should be sent to before the workshop begins.

LOCATION: Neal Slavin Studio  62 Greene St. NYC.

DETAILS:  Workshop is limited to 8 students
10 AM – 5 PM / Morning coffee at 9:30 am / lunch included
Fee: $595.00 per student

TO REGISTER:  All participants must pay full amount via check or Pay Pal before start of workshop.


Neal Slavin is a world – respected photographer and film director. His work includes a professional career of over 40 years, during which he has photographed a myriad of subjects including celebrities, notable dignitaries and is best known for his group portraits.

His teaching credits include classes and workshops at Les Recontres d’Arles in Provence, The Cooper Union, CUNY, SVA, the Ansel Adams Workshop in Yosemite, visiting artist at the Art Institute of Chicago and the International Center of Photography (ICP). His work is collected in both public and private institutions.


All artistic endeavors including photography come from the same place – in the belly!  Which one the artist uses to express him/herself is entirely the artist’s choice. What isn’t by choice is the influence the other arts contribute to the success of the artist’s chosen field, in our case photography. Through listening to music, drawing from the figure and listening to oral poetry we are able to create photographs that are honest and expressive. We will learn how to let those other disciplines help us in our creations. We come to understand that the rhythm we hear in a piece of music is the same rhythm made visible in a photograph. The lines in a drawing can be found in the shapes in a photograph. Sound crazy? Come aboard for a sensorial 2 days of experiencing the relationship between your photographs and the world of the arts!


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