Elizabeth Beugg: Party Fashion


Photography and Text by Elizabeth Beugg, Copyright 2017




Party fashion plays a major role in the lives of college students everywhere. For this editorial, I chose to feature going-out wear, focusing on dark or metallic clothing, in a grungy, post-party setting. The juxtaposition between the glittering outfits and frat house basement helped to create dynamic photos with an almost “morning after” feel.

Since this was my first self-sufficient photo shoot, I asked my friends to model for the photos, as I knew I would be most comfortable directing them. I also think that for the purpose of the shoot, using real college students is very effective. I selected the basement of a frat house for the location as I thought this would create a more dynamic photo than shooting against a backdrop. I specifically planned the shoot on a Saturday morning, after there had been a party, to create maximum grunge and grime. I used a (very heavy) lighting kit and a low ISO for the majority of the shots. I used a high ISO and available light for a few colored/ambient lighting shots though I did not end up selecting them for the final editorial.

For the model’s attire, I asked my friends to bring any dark, textured, and metallic party wear they had and styled looks from our collective findings. I applied glitter to all the models faces to complement the metallic pieces of clothing. The glitter was intentionally applied haphazardly to stick with the grunge-y vibe. 

Overall, this editorial was intended to showcase a variety of looks in a setting that appeared as if the lights had been turned on and everyone had gone home. I continually tried to prioritize dynamics over perfection in hopes of creating a collection of photos that feel unusual and unexpected, yet also familiar.


About The Author: Elizabeth Beugg is a Sophomore enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020.

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