Jasmin Smoots: Feeling the Bern?

Bernie Sanders Rally, Philadelphia


Photography and Text by Jasmin Smoots


“Why are you feeling the Bern?” This question sat on my mind as I waited at the security checkpoint in the hallway of the church. I heard music coming from inside and could feel excitement in the air, before I even laid eyes on the supporters.


I was ushered in quickly and told to sit in an aisle seat, which I did obediently. I hear murmurs from the people behind me. “I can’t believe my luck. I was in line at the Liacouras Center when my friend texted me about this event. I never would have gotten in there and this is so much better.” I understood the sentiment; I felt the same.


Looking around the room my eyes fall on a diverse crowd of people and I think, “What does a Bernie Sanders supporter look like?” When the rally was over, I went to find out.


What I found? There is no singular Bernie supporter.


Bernie supports are young and old, wealthy and poor, Black, White, Latino, Asian, and differently abled. Some are students, some were homeless, some were children who did not actually understand Bernie’s platform or politics, but who came along with parents who believed it was important for them to hear him speak. I met immigrants, I met locals, I met internationals unable to vote, but who wanted to show their support.


Some wore suits, many wore campaign tees, and one even wore a purple onesie with a cat on the chest. They held signs, professional and homemade, and wore buttons proclaiming their support. They came from a variety of walks of life, but they all believe in the dream that Bernie is selling. They all believe that his socialist policies are long overdue in American legislation, they said as much in their interviews. They have joined his “Political Revolution” and they’re ready to help him bring change to this country.


Photography, Video and Text by Jasmin Smoots, Copyright 2016.



Portrait of Jasmin Smoots by Jesus E. Fuentes, 2016.


About The Author:  Jasmin Smoots is a senior Communications major enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania.  Class of 2016. To read additional articles by Jasmin Smoots, go here: https://tonywardstudio.com/blog/jasmin-smoots-in-between-moments/

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