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Posted on June 14, 2015 by Jinxiang Wu

A Social media zombie is a person who is obsessed with social media and feels the constant need of having to be online. This often comes with a complete disregard to actual social beings. They are often glued to a computer or cellphone screen all day long and do not interact with the actual world surrounding them. They can physically be recognized by their posture and expression. No matter where they are or in what kind of situation, they always stand emotionless and have a smartphone in front of them and their head bent downward towards the screen.

Within a ten minutes walk through UPenn’s campus, you can find half of the people you see  holding and or using their smart phones. While you are driving on the street they can randomly come out of nowhere trying to cross the road while their eyes are focused on the screen instead of the direction they are actually going. At party’s, they can be seen sitting on the sides of the room in total silence while looking at their smart phones.


Because they find their digital life more important than their surroundings, they do not respond well to what is actually happening around them. And sometimes in the midst of a conversation, they abruptly forget anything you say and instantly put their mind at their social media page. Their minds are fused with their phone and social network website. Society’s obsession with this phenomenon is becoming increasingly evident.


Photography and Text by Jinxiang Wu, Copyright 2015.


About the Author: Jinxiang Wu is a graduate student enrolled in the MLA  program with a  Cinema Studies concentration at the University of Pennsylvania. To read more articles by Jinxiang Wu, go to the search bar at the bottom of the page, type in author’s name: click the search icon.

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