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Posted on November 12, 2015 by Kanako Tajima


Every generation has its own “it girl”- from Twiggy to Kate Moss, to Chloe Sevigny. Yet, it is hard to define an “it girl” of my generation, due to the overflow of pictures through digital media, such as instagram and tumblr. It is the age when everyone can pick and choose who to adore from a wide variety of people. However, there is always one girl who stands out with her own unique sense of style; Alexa Chung. Her style has been permeating the fashion industry for several years. As a style icon, she generated the recent jeans trend and the fashion industry cannot seem to get over it. Featuring Alexa’s signature item, the buttoned down skirt, this editorial put together 6 back to school outfits, which can be easily styled. This iconic skirt is definitely the must-have item to become an “it” girl in  school!

To emphasize its versatility, this skirt is paired with a basic wardrobe that can be mixed and matched for everyday use. The pieces paired with the skirt are the classic staples; striped shirt, white sneakers, black boots, leather jacket, and big scarf, except for the crazy vintage cardigans. By styling minimal but stylish transitional – fall-appropriate pieces – each image illustrates a style that could be incorporated easily. The corduroy fabric of the skirt is also enhancing the seasonal atmosphere. This series of photos are meant to convey the message to female students that they can easily become a fashionable “it” girl by arranging affordable basic pieces, even during a busy morning, with no time to get ready.

Photography and Text by Kanako Tajima, Copyright 2015


About The Author: Kanako Tajima is a junior enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017.

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