Leniqueca Welcome: Fragments of Self

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Photography and Text by Leniqueca Welcome, Copyright 2016


Fragments of Self


We made something

We refused to name it

It is gone now;

‘It’ is gone now.

I want to name It

I should not wish to name It.

I go

I try to find It in this place.


I hear there is magic here

I hear there is color

I hear there is life

I come here.

I try to find It here

I could ask someone if they have seen It,

If only It had a name.


I see the color

I see her smile

I hear their laughs

I know they have seen it.

They possess it.

I know it.

I see it in her smile.


I hear It in her laugh

It is rendered in the color

Maybe there is magic here.

We never named It

Maybe It felt un-owned

Maybe they call It by name

Here It must feel at home.


It wanted to experience the magic

They say this place contains magic.

The orange is warm

The green is bold

The blue is calm

It must feel at home here.

It never settled with us.


We made time fleeting

We turned our backs to It’s existence

We refused to name It

We denied It.

Of course It would eventually deny us.

I am a fool to search for It here.

What If I find It?

I will only be rejected.



About The Author: Leniqueca Welcome is a native of Trinidad and Tobago, has a degree in Architecture, and is currently enrolled in the graduate program of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. To read more articles by Leniqueca Welcome, go here: https://tonywardstudio.com/blog/leniqueca-welcome-black-men-for-bernie/

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