Masoma Imasogie: Lavendar Baths


Photography and Text by Masoma Imasogie


Women, I know the days are long and the nights are longer. But during this holiday season don’t forget to pamper yourself. Get ready for bed by doing the ultimate ‘love yourself’ regime and soak in a lovely Mediterranean lavender bath. Lavender has been used for cleansing for centuries. It is derived from the Latin root word ‘lavare’ which means ‘to wash’. The skin benefits and overall well-being effects are endless.


Reduce the stress of the world by absorbing the calming aura and let your sexiness shine through. Be it pain relief, headaches and muscle relaxant or allergies, anxiety prevention or acne treatment, lavender can cure it all. Oh, and a couple flowers never hurt anybody. Sprinkle some flowers throughout your bath to fill the air with more familiar and fabulous fragrances. Now, don’t let the fun stop there.


You may not be a Victoria Secret model but that doesn’t mean you can’t act like one! Wrap your body in your warmest towel, hydrate your skin with your favorite cream and put on your sexiest lingerie set.  Embrace your beautiful body and enjoy your curves. One of the sexiest parts of a woman is her confidence. Take control of it and feel your best you.  After this type of pampering you are now ready for hours of dreaming and uninterrupted sleep. Enjoy it beautiful.


Photography and Text by Masoma Imasogie, Copyright 2015.


About The Author: Masoma Imasogie is a Junior and Fine Arts Major enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017. To read more articles by Masoma Imasogie, type in author’s name at the bottom of the page and click the search icon.

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