Renee Chin Lee: The Small Things

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Photography and Text by Renee Chin Lee, Copyright 2016


The Small Things


The culture is toxic.  Like a weed, it steals the life from those who surround it.Competition, superiority, vanity.  How can people believe this is what life is to be? I have adapted.  Not to being part of the culture, but being of my own. All it takes is to keep in mind and hold dear the small things in life.

While I certainly believe that I eat to live, sometimes I feel like I live to eat.Not to say that food consumes my life, but I find more than nutritional value in food. Traversing to Center City, walking into Miel Patisserie, ordering my standard: Café au lait and six macarons, the Champs-Élysées feels just a few kilometers away.

To counterbalance the love for things of a gluttonous nature, I look to exercise, My other great passion.  Being active keeps my body and mind right, always.Whether it be biking, running, or even the pool, there is always time in my day. Going on a run, however, connects with some deep affinity in my life.

As I make my way down the Walk and through my beloved Engineering Quad, Entering Penn Park and seeing the gorgeous Philly skyline emerge, Crossing the Schuylkill and making it to Rittenhouse, I am always reminded: It’s the small things in life that make it amazing.  I’m lucky to be so blessed.

Capping off the day with a cinnamon apple candle and glass of pinot grigio. What a time to be alive.


About The Author: Renee Chin Lee is a junior and Systems Engineer major at the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017. To read additional articles by Renee Chin Lee, go here: