Masoma Imasogie: Fashion Week in the Streets





Photography and Text by Masoma Imasogie


You don’t have to jet set to a lavish European countryside to see this seasons latest fashion. Europe isn’t the only place with high-end street style! The streets of New York are raining with the hottest new trends and trendsetters. From the hipsters to the skyscraping stunning models—the sneakers to the gowns, you see it all in New York and you see it all during fashion week!


Don’t have a front row ticket to Oscar De La Renta or Yeezus? No problem! Outside the main stage is actually the place to be to see all things fierce and it’s FREE! The streets turn into the local’s personal runway and the paparazzi…and iPhones are always out to play! Yes, the celebrities and bloggers are amazing to see, but one can’t ignore these fashionable guys and gals.


These New Yorkers made it super easy to capture the attention of my camera lens. The rich color they implemented throughout their outfits are eye catching and add a pop of light during this gloomy day.


Take this Fashionista for example (Black Model Matter girl). Her Ankara print dashiki by DimePiece mixes African culture, sporty chic, street fashion. The rich reds and yellows compliment her skin perfectly and the loose fit cut doesn’t hide her bangin’ body, but it allows the viewers to focus on all the strong elements she brings to the table.


Or look at the color is this beauty’s outfit (Pink and purple outfit). This outfit screams Carrie Bradshaw meets Blair Waldorf, am I right! The jacket alone is a staple piece however I love how she didn’t just stop there. Instead, she added some chunky tortoise shell sunnies, a pomp-pomp puff chain and some metallic gold heels, because… why not!


Fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself. So get out there, make the street your runway and WORK IT, because you never know who is watching!


Photography and Text by Masoma Imasogie, Copyright 2015.


About the Author: Masoma Imasogie is a junior and fine arts major enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania. Class of 2017.