Sarah Kho: The Urban Restaurant

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I find food trucks fascinating. They are simple and humble businesses run by simple and humble people. These urban, mobile restaurants serve up cheap and nourishing food ranging from the classic bacon, egg, and cheese to ethnic fusion fares. Students, construction workers, and professionals alike line up for these quick eats.

For this photo project, I set out to highlight the physical food trucks and their owners. As a business student and photographer, I find the food trucks’ designs intriguing. Every one of our purchase decisions are influenced by dozen of factors — both consciously and subconsciously to us. Only in recent years have some food truck owners grown savvy to the art of marketing, decking out their trucks with unique designs that signal to passerby’s an image of their businesses. Other food trucks are left plain, signaling a different image on their own.

As well, I wanted to capture the owners – many of whom are immigrants – and put a face to the people who serve so many of us food that we depend on during our busy days. Some are serious, face to the grill, and others are friendly and warm, remembering names and orders. All have their own stories.

Food trucks are integral to the landscape of West Philadelphia. Though they are indeed humble businesses, they carry much more meaning behind them.

What is your favorite food truck? And what makes you love it?


About the Author: Sarah Kho is enrolled in the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2016.

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