Xiaonan Chen: Daydream


Photography and Text by Xiaonan Chen, Copyright 2017




It is a hot afternoon, no wind, no sound. What’s in her eyes is just the room painted by the golden sunshine. She grasps her straw hat, and the exotic metal earrings, and the cream-color mesh sweater covers on the black vest. She looks like she’s preparing for a trip, but no. It’s just a daydream.

She puts on the blood-red lipstick, which she never used. She is making up so carefully as she is watches her beautiful face from the mirror. She is just like going to a ball, but no. It’s just a daydream.

She wears her loose sweater with wide collar and long sleeves, and her long denim skirt with a diagonal cut. The yellow sweater contrasts the blue skirt so strong just like the sunshine and shadow. She plays hide and seek with herself, she gets lost in her world. It’s just a daydream.

She gets tired of the game, she takes on her white formal dress and the pair of round black sunglasses decorated with tiny diamonds. She still wears the lipstick but never see the mirror again. She looks outside from the window like some story is happening there. The golden fasteners on her pants sparkle under the strong sunshine. One of her shoulders exposes in the air but the other covered under the long sleeve. Just like two different parts of herself. She is mysterious, she is daydreaming.


Portrait of Xiaonan Chen by Michael Heath, Copyright 2017


Xiaonan Chen is enrolled in the graduate program in Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania.

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