Robin Sander: Day to Day


Posted on April 7, 2016 by Robin Sanders


DAY 1:

A young woman wakes up. She finds herself still warm from the threads of love her dreams had tantalized her body and mind with while asleep.

Excited for her day, the young girl bounds to the foot of her bed, where a green card is waiting for her. Immediately, the happy girl embraces her card, happily scheming of things she can do with her new gift.



The young woman rushes to her front door, putting on her blindfold. Excited, she rushes out into the light of the outdoors, letting the path lead her direction.


DAY 2:

A young woman wakes up. After she brushes away the combs of slumber, she realizes where she is. The fantasy of unconsciousness is replaced by the cold realization of reality.


Knowing what she must do, the girl slowly relinquishes her prone position to climb down to the bottom of her bed, where she finds a blue card. Realizing its meaning, the girl sadly slumps against her wall.


Letting despair settle into sadness, the young woman prepares to leave her home. As she opens the door, she is met with the frigid breath of the outside.




Human beings created society to quell the fears that arise when contemplating the true meaning of existence, of human emotion, of chaos. Of reality. When given the façade of contemporary life, we put on our blindfold and travel the well-worn paths of generations before us. However, when we take off the blindfold, and truly see what it means to be alive, where does that leave us? Sometimes we cling to the blindfold for happiness, afraid to face what is really outside.


Photography and Text by Robin Sanders, Copyright 2016


Portrait of Robin Sanders by Carmen Garcia, Copyright 2016
Portrait of Robin Sanders by Carmen Garcia, Copyright 2016

About The Author: Robin Sanders is a Junior majoring in Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.  Class of 2017.

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