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Carmen Garcia Gallego: Timeless Doors - Tony Ward Studio

Carmen Garcia Gallego: Timeless Doors


Photography and Text by Carmen Garcia Gallego


Timeless Doors


There is some inherent beauty in doors that other places simply cannot capture. When I look at doors, I think about all the times I have opened and closed them without really noticing their appearance. It is so interesting how little attention I pay to these objects that have accompanied me since I was young- these gateways to my home and to my life. But then again, I never really notice what is continuously right in front of me. I grow so accustomed to consistency that I take it for granted and pay attention only to novelty.

We never notice how time passes by in our surroundings; over time as we grow older, we sculpt the world around us. We redecorate and buy new things, we move and embrace new styles… but doors stay the same, timeless. They have witnessed our past and our present, and they will stay behind when we move on for the sake of our futures. They are cases of subtle beauty hidden in plain sight.

My door seems to speak to me when I go home now: “You forget all the memories we’ve had together. I have taken you to the brightest and darkest places in your memory, in your home, to your light. So beautiful, yet so unnoticed. Look at me now, take my hand, let me show you what we’ve built together. Let me tell you my story and you shall see your own”.



Photography and Text by Carmen Garcia Gallego, Copyright 2016


Self-Portrait by Carmen Garcia Gallego, 2016.
Self-Portrait by Carmen Garcia Gallego, 2016.

About The Author: Carmen Garcia Gallego is a sophomore enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018.

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