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photo of cat at Noble PAWS, Philadelphia


Posted on May 18, 2015 by Allison Denenberg

While most people are excited about the approach of warm weather, this time of year is particularly trying for animal shelters. In the spring and summer months, shelters across the country are flooded with litters of newly born kittens. Although being surrounded by hundreds of tiny balls of fur might sound like heaven to animal lovers like myself, this situation is far from idyllic. Due to extremely limited space and resources, most shelters simply cannot care for all of the kittens that are brought to their door. Consequently, the vast majority of them are euthanized before getting even the slightest opportunity to find a loving home.

Fortunately, however, there are shelters like PAWS (the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) in existence. This particular organization prides itself on being a no-kill shelter, and has had a great deal of success with finding suitable homes for as many needy cats and dogs as possible. Although it is difficult to walk around the tiny facility and see so many adorable cats cooped up in cages, the fact that none of them are at risk of being euthanized is extremely comforting. Additionally, each day, the cats are let out of their cages in cycles so that they can wander around, stretch, and play. It is truly amazing to see how the sadness in their eyes dissipates as soon as they are allowed to roam free.


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In photographing the cats at this shelter, it is my hope that viewers will be inspired to give these sweet animals a permanent taste of freedom by adopting them. While PAWS does an incredible job at keeping abandoned animals off of “death row” and providing them with food, shelter, veterinary care, and attention, all of these animals would be much better off outside of their cages and in loving homes.


Photography and Text by Allison Denenberg, Copyright 2015


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