Zhewei Feng: The Parallel Universe

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Photography and Text by Zhewei Feng


The Parallel Universe


“parallel universe is a hypothetical self-contained separate reality co-existing with one’s own.”

You won’t realize that there is a parallel universe in our city until you get there. The space that physically exist in the busy urban area, but hidden above or below ground. No one is there just like the space is taken away from our 3 dimensional world. It’s forgotten.

I call it the “Parallel Universe” of our city. It’s another universe that is parallel to the city, but no one discovers it.

The station used to be part of the city. Now it sits quietly on the ground, covered by all kinds of graffiti, and stays in a new world. It’s the proof that at least some people didn’t forget about it. They came here and paint on it, giving the station a new life. It is abandoned, for sure, but also picked up by somebody from the adjacent world.

The tunnel is hidden underground. You will never realize that it is so close to you until you get there. It is just 3 feet below your feet. When you get in the tunnel, sunlight becomes the bridge that link both worlds in parallel. In darkness, light is also the only clue for you to move forward. You may view things from a totally different angle that you never seen before too, like the huge car floating above you. It feels like the world is reversed.


About The Author: Zhewei Feng is a graduate student enrolled in the School of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania. To read additional articles by Zhewei, go here: https://tonywardstudio.com/blog/zhewei-feng/


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