Anisha Arora: A Roller Coaster

PhotoL Anisha Arora


Photography and Text by Anisha Arora, Copyright 2018




Life is always such a roller coaster. You never know when that sharp turn takes you from a high in life to a low trough. It entirely depends on your attitude, whether you enjoy the ride or come out complaining.

The last few years have been a learning experience for me. There have been times when I have felt lonely, when I have cried myself to sleep, or watched a TV series for 6 hours because I was too afraid of facing the reality. In times like these, it felt like I would never feel any other emotion and would often victimize myself with questions like “Why did this happen to me?”. What I have learned is that I always have a choice- a choice to continue victimizing myself, or to accept what happened, develop a positive attitude, and keep an open mind to new experiences.

I decided to be grateful for what I have and started focusing on my relationships- the close friends and family who genuinely care for me and love me. Maintaining a positive outlook and believing that whatever happened, happened for a reason can often sound like rationalization, but it helps. And slowly, you can turn the despair to hope and hope to happiness.

Through this project, I have endeavored to show that transition from despair to happiness from left of the frame to the right. As you go towards right, the color transition signifies how happiness adds color to life. My hope is to show that each one of us has the strength within us to fight the despair and sadness, enjoy the ride and come out smiling at each turn of the roller coaster.


Portrait of Anisha Arora by Grant Wei, Copyright 2018


About The Author: Anisha Arora is enrolled in the Graduate program, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

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