David Pang: Boston, I’ll be Back


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Photography and Text by David Pang, Copyright 2016


I’ll be Back


Boston is home

To 650,000 faces

And the face of one

Echoes the music of many.


Boston is a city of the soul

And I breathe the soul of the city,

Enjoying the camaraderie

Of lives intertwined.


Boston is a fishermen’s hub

And the ocean’s treasures

Infuse the city

With the best of the Atlantic.


Boston is a rainy place;

The umbrellas come out.

For some, the rain is refreshing,

For others, it is a flood.


Boston is a bustling metropolis,

With people coming and going.

The city never seems to go to sleep!

Sunlight flows into a bulb.


Boston is a diverse community,

A hub of cultural richness,

A tapestry of the world,

“Welcome! Come one, come all!”


But the trains give you time to think.

And so we wait.

For the train.

On the train.

Like mindless zombies.

Waiting to come alive at home.


So this is Boston!


A family town.

With flashing lights.

And everyday prestige.


Sometimes Boston is a frightening place

And the silence shattered with sirens.


Sometimes Boston is serene

As if the city just wants you to pause

And admire

The way the sun reflects off the surface of the water,

The way the city reminds you of it’s rich and storied past . . .


It’s a city made to photograph.


And so I leave Bean Town

Holding on to Spring Break

With my memories and my 32 GB SD card.

On a six hour Megabus ride

To Philadelphia

To school

To reality.

Whispering to myself,


“I’ll be back”


About The Author: David Pang is a freshman enrolled in the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2019. To read additional articles by David Pang, go here: https://tonywardstudio.com/blog/david-pang-one-us/

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