Kaleb Germinaro: Election Day-Who Would’ve Thought?

Photography and Text by Kaleb Germinaro, Copyright 2017




The past year has been trying on many people because of the election. At first it seemed like a joke to some people and unreal at first. The growing anguish and uncertainty about our country soon led to a type of division amongst supports. Both sides seemed to be unable to support the other. The division the election created was one that we haven’t seen in a long time. The divisions of two true sides, one completely distraught after the election and the other one feeling victorious as if they had won a battle. November 8th yielded an unexpected outcome where Donald Trump became president. Many people thought that his campaign was hurtful, even entertaining at times because of the lack of filter he didn’t seem to possess. Many feelings were going around before and after the election and that is what I attempted to capture in a series of photos that I took while on campus at the University of Pennsylvania, which a large majority of the student body voted for Hillary.

The first pictures I shot on this assignment were coincidentally of Joe Biden on the morning of Election Day. He was on campus going to have lunch with one of his grandchildren and stopped on campus to say hello. He humbly stood in front of one of a building on campus for over an hour taking the time to take as many pictures as possibly. He seemed hopeful and cheery. This was all before the result of the election came out where Trump had won. The after effects that ensued were despair, disbelief as well as concern for safety amongst many people on campus as well as around the country.  The latter end of the photos that I captured tell a story of the reactions that people had to the election and the demonstrations that were displayed to make a change.  No one would’ve  been able to predict what happened in the 2016 election


About The Author: Kaleb Germinaro is a senior enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017. To read additional articles by Kaleb, go herehttps://tonywardstudio.com/blog/kaleb-germinaro-emotion/


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