Xuan Huang: Graduation Day



Photography and Text by Xuan Huang, Copyright 2016




Completing a bachelors degree at the college, today after the graduation ceremony she has packed her belongings carefully and it’s finally the day to leave the campus. There is still time before taking off, and she decides to have a look around at the places she got along with for such a long time.

There are many corners she hasn’t gotten a chance to study closely. Sitting down on some random bench under the bright sun light seems like a luxury in the past year, and it’s easy to pass by without realizing how much beauty is missed out right in front of your eyes. Wondering like this makes her feel like a freshman again. But reality strikes quickly as well, reminding her of the fact that she may never be able to see the campus again as it is now.


Majoring in history has cost her a lot of trouble, especially with respect to the amount of reading she had to deal with. Now that all the books and writings are gone it feels incredibly relaxing to sit back in the study room. Shelves even look lovely in the lamplights, as if they are old friends of hers.


She is by herself the whole day. Usually there is much company around staying in this room, working or chatting together with fellow students, but this time she happens to be the one with the latest flight among all her friends. They are now all at separate places, and everyone will be pursuing their own goals. A few texts can never gather them again.


Sound of clock ticks echoes clearly in the quiet room; she paid little attention to the outside so the sky has already turned black when she finally realized. Sad or not it is time to go. Years spent here brought her happiness that will always be treasured in memory, as well as the strength and minds to look far into the future. Farewell to the nice old college.


About The Author:  Xuan Huang is a Junior enrolled at Bryn Mawr College, Class of 2018.


Portrait of Xuang Huang by Grace Tang, Copyright 2016.

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