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Besides checking time, the function of watches has expanded so widely that people obtain them for various reasons, and wearing them for different purposes.

A small collection of watches is common among many of us. It is certainly one of the most popular categories of luxury. It is an easy but powerful accessory to brighten up someone’s look efficiently.  The authentic pleasure a watch can offer is simple and straight forward – design on their appearance can be geometric, feeling strong and sharp, as well as smooth and elegant.

A sports watch is always a nice choice for casual outfits.  They look smart, fresh, and stable. Color is usually clean and neat, dials are bold and tightly fit with each other.  The interior of the dials looks deep and protective often conveying a sense of support and durability, which makes them indeed  good company for sports or trip activities

A more classic type is the metal watch. Shininess and the sense of quality is essential. This is where it fits the concept of luxuries the most – so formal and gorgeous that people believe only a few of them get the fortune to put them on their wrist. It is somehow a symbol of wealth as well as taste.

Comparatively, leather band watches are more about style. They have more dramatically different looks, and the contrast of materials on the same object makes them stand out, blending the form of formal and casual accessories. Dials are usually simple, colors, on the other hand, is one of the major components. Shape designing is another, which make them look modern and fashionable amongst other types.

Speaking of modern, digital watches plays an interesting role in the family. From plain digital presenting screen to the so called future watch, there are a mixture of forms of watches and technologies, with probably a closer relationship with smart phones.  The redefinition happens a lot on screen and their functionalities. It is hard to say that if that’s the true direction of watch design will follow in the future, but anyhow what doesn’t change much is that they are still considered cool to wear.


 About The Author:  Xuan Huang is a Junior enrolled at Bryn Mawr College, Class of 2018. To read additional articles by Xuan Huang, go herehttps://tonywardstudio.com/blog/xuan-huang-graduation-day/


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