Yiran Zhang: In the Classroom


Posted on November 1, 2015 by Yiran Zhang




In theory, we are all students,

Young and fresh, reading from books

And learning from lectures.

Protected and constrained in the ivory tower,

We cannot breathe,

Lose our vision,

Look the same.


In reality, we are all different souls

With different identity and backgrounds.

Trapped in the uniform classrooms,

We rebel,

Rebel against this pre-defined identity.


In this educational institution,

The cold hearted Kung Fu master practices tea ceremony as her daily ritual.

The bubbly studious girl transforms into sexy party queen at night.

The hipster skater girl finds her root in dancing.

The cheerleader seduces the Cali boy


In this school of people, we find lovers,

Build enemies, form friendship, create legends.

In this house of chaos, we experience red love,

Encounter grey sadness, collect pink happiness,

Feel green despair, and hide the nude complex.


We are too young for tradition,

Too free for rules,

Too cool for schools,

Too bad to be good.

We are who we are.

Welcome to the Classroom.

Welcome to our World.


Photography & Text by Yiran Zhang, Copyright 2015.


About the Author: Yiran Zhang is a senior enrolled in the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. Class of 2016

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