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As an international student immersed in diversity, the more times I move from one place to another, the wider my experiences grow, the deeper I realize what is important to me, and the stronger I wish to pursue a simple life. A life with less chaos all around and more meaningful cultivation. A life with courage and a decisive mind. A life with love, hope and vitality. A simple life is not easy; in fact, life is not easy and never will be. To live a simple life is even harder to achieve with all the available accessories. Nowadays, luxuries, high-end technologies, and rich entertainments, can easily make life flamboyant, acquisitive and extravagant. However, are these grandiose accessories able to fill a void in the soul of life? Just like a life would not be satisfied by wander, a superficial soul would not be fulfilled by vanity. In other words, fancy things do not always provide strength.

Things that seem simple, may be spiritually vital; things that seem ordinary and we barely pay attention to may be the most important to us, such as plants, sunshine, water, and other daily necessities. Understanding that things we live with are up to the choices we make, the attitude we hold towards life, I wish to live simple but spiritual. I see eliminating the excess as a cultivating process, and maybe a path to understanding the essence of life. Simplicity teaches me what to cherish and appreciate of life, and not to be contaminated or disturbed by the “vanity fair”.


About the Author: Bojing Fu (Irene) is a second-year master student in the Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania, majoring in the field of Intercultural Communication. To read additional articles by Bojing Fu, go to the search bar at the bottom of the page, type in author’s name: click the search icon.

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