Grace Tang: Water Experiment

Photography and Text by Grace Tang, Copyright 2016



In the dictionary, water is defined as a clear thin liquid that has no color or taste when it is pure and it is one of the most important sources of life on the earth. In Laozi’s book, he appreciates water’s character of benefiting everything, contending with none and is content with all others disdain. There is nothing in the world, weaker than water, but also there is nothing in the world can cut water.

I am fascinated with the idea of water, strong and weak, important but easily negligent. Also, although water itself has no color or taste, it creates new images when it combines with other elements and material, like lights and glass. Therefore, I am interested in doing photography experiment on water to see how water reacts with other things and create interesting photos.

In my twenty-four series, I divide my photos into 3 different experiments. First, it’s the combination of lights and water. I took these photos at Tuesday night. It is a rainy night. Rain fell on the ground, covering the whole street with water. Traffic lights turned from red to yellow to green, cars rushed on the street and Christmas light in the store were flashing like blinks of eyes. All these colorful lights were projected onto street by water, turning the ground to be a colorful palette. Second, I include photos of water in the nature to see how water and other natural environment interact. I took these two photos in summer when I was in Yellow Stone National Park and Glacier Park. Third, I played with distorting shape of items by water and glass.


About The Author: Grace Tang is a Freshman enrolled at Bryn Maur College, Philadelphia. Class of 2020. To access additional articles by Grace, go here:


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