Anni Liu: Change

Photography and Text by Anni Liu, Copyright 2016


I grew up in Florida, a suburban city named Melbourne. My home is a very quiet place, but it contained much of my childhood memory. The first time that I drove a car, the first time that I planted a tree, the moment that I got my first puppy, were all deeply rooted in my memory. One of the hardest things in anyone’s life is probably leaving home and moving to a new place. The year when I got into college, I moved to the city of Philadelphia. The city life is very different from the suburban life. There are always so many places to explore and new restaurants to try. The college life is also very different. I felt more independent and mature being in a place full of energy and life. I like to capture and document the places that I have been and the people who are very important in my life. Photography for me is not only an artistic expression but also a way to capture special moments in time. The world is always changing and time is always flowing. This project is to show and document a great change in my life. 


About The Author: Anni Liu is a Junior majoring in the Biological Basis of Behavior, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018. To access additional articles by Anni Liu, go here:


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