Hayden Scillitoe: City Lights


Photography and Text by Hayden Scillitoe


City Lights

We are so caught up in our own lives,

The work, the interviews, the grind,

That we forget to look around,

And see.


So we miss the world around us.

Content with where we are,

But never truly experiencing,

The place we call home.

Hayden_Scillitoe_Window_Stare _Cigarrette_Dorm_nightlife_smoking_college_students_UPenn_stress_fear_anxiety

The days, the people,

They blur into one.

Life is lived but not loved.


Often the Student smiles,

A smile that promises so much,

But delivers so little.


He has to get out,

To explore the life that surrounds,

And see.

It is only then,

That the Student’s smile truly delivers.


The city lives, the city breathes.

The wind rages across the rooftops,

The rain caresses the Student’s face.

The city lights shine bright,

Bright with adventure and spontaneity.


The Student smiles,

And the lights of the city smile back.

He sits and surveys his urban kingdom,

Appreciating the chaos of humanity.

And Nizam has his identity back.


Day to day, 9 till 5,

It all seems a distant memory,

Nizam has learnt to look,

Nizam has learnt to see,

Can you say the same?


Photography and Text by Hayden Scillitoe, Copyright 2016


Portrait of Hayden Scillitoe by Carolyn Wong, Copyright 2016
Portrait of Hayden Scillitoe by Carolyn Wong, Copyright 2016

About The Author: Hayden Scillitoe is an exchange student from London, England studying at the University of Pennsylvania.

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