Jennifer Brodsky: A surgeon, a father, a hero


Photography and Text by Jennifer Brodsky


A surgeon, a father, a hero

Being a surgical oncologist, a part of my dad’s mind is always on his patients. When working with high-risk cancer procedures, even the best surgeon can’t save everyone. The sick patients, the devastated families, the long hours, and the constant calls take their toll.

The hardest part of my dad’s job is telling a patient that there is nothing he can do for them.  He not only sees, but feels, the devastation of the patients and their families. These are the worst days for my dad. When he comes home his mind is elsewhere, worrying about the patient he cannot save.

Despite the challenges my dad faces, both surgical and emotional, he still manages to live a happy and fulfilled life. He is able to focus on the good things in his life and on the patients that he does save, whom are much higher in number than those that he can’t.

My dad’s greatest joy in life is his family, my two dogs included. He can always count on an enthusiastic greeting from his four-legged best friend to brighten his day no matter what it was like.

It is an under-statement to say my dad is a hero, to his patients, to his family, and to his furry companions. His life seems to be revolved around everyone but himself. This is what makes him happy, and I am so proud to be able to call him my dad. Anyone that knows him can see that he is no ordinary man, but rather quite extraordinary.


Photography and Text by Jennifer Brodsky, Copyright 2015


About the Author: Jennifer Brodsky is a senior enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2016.

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