Renee Chin Lee: Hiatus


Photography and Text by Renee Chin Lee


As I ventured north on the mainland of Trinidad, I stopped along the way.  Bending back around the windy road, the jeep came to a gradual stop.  Onward I walked to a simple something that caught my eye.


It was not the Hot Spot nor the leather shop that intrigued me.  The mango chow, marinating in its traditional juices, presented itself in a row with the other delicate treats the villagers wished to be sold.  Yet, my interest was not to be found here.


The single car-width bridge brought me ever closer to the object of my intrigue.  I reflected as to any memory I had of seeing a crossing wide enough for just one automobile.  Where had I stopped, a modern place or a time in history?


I strolled inquisitively towards it.  A wooden frame perpendicular to the ground of the garden materialized, with a smaller timber piece near the top of the frame running parallel to the earth.  God’s ceramic Lamb suffered here in eternal sin and martyrdom.


Where was I?  What kind of place was this?  The epiphany came.   To each his own.  What maybe a stop along the way to me, is someone else’s everything.  What was a temporary source of personal intrigue was an entire world to others.  A whole domain, so quaint and undisturbed, utterly jarring while magnificently halcyon.


Photography and Text by Renee Chin Lee, Copyright 2016


About The Author: Renee Chin Lee is a junior and Systems Engineer major at the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017.

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