TWS: May 2016


Posted on May 1, 2016 by Tony Ward


The first time I met Kathryn Brooks it was pouring rain outside Addams Hall at the University of Pennsylvania.  I was impressed that she drove all the way from her home in Kutztown, Pa. to model for my fashion class at the Penn campus on a damp rainy night in West Philly.  That was my first clue of the type of determination I see in this talented young woman.  Kathryn is a musician, model and soon to be college student.  She sat for the class, and produced some  amazing pictures with my students.  Kathryn was one of the first models I selected to represent my new t-shirt line. I look forward to working with her on other projects as well as the year progresses.

Editor’s Note: Kathryn is wearing a black “Dana” racerback.  Available in Store here:


Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2016.

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