Alice Qiu: Spring is Coming



Photography and Text by Alice Qiu


In Philadelphia, inside of City Hall, I came across a flyer. It said, “spring is coming”. The background is Capital Hill. “There was a political event going on a few hours before,” Linda told me.

Linda is a sophomore student at Penn. Although she is a Chinese international student, she is very interested in politics in the US. As an international student, she does not have voting rights. However, it doesn’t matter for her being a strong supporter of Hilary Clinton.

She started to follow Hilary Clinton when she founded her own club Women in Art Initiative. She is a feminist and she believes in equal rights and independence for women. Her beliefs overlaps with Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign message. From the day the former Secretary of State announced her presidential campaign, Linda went to as many of Hilary’s events as possible.




In school, she is in the Penn for Hilary club.  She has many badges supporting Hilary Clinton. She put them on her backpack. She also has some stickers reading, “I’m ready for Hilary”. She put them on her laptop, microwave, desks and closets. Her dorm is full of her love and support for Hilary.


On 5th October last year, she received an email, saying “Happy birthday to YOU! I’m so glad to have you on my team”, signed by “H”. It was indeed a surprise for her. She was so happy that she posted on social media to let all of her friends know. She told me that the email made her feel special, although she was just one of the millions who support Hilary.


It is May already. The flowers in front of  Independence Hall in Philadelphia have already blossomed out. The convention is just a couple of months away. The spring is coming. Linda believes that the spring is also coming for Hilary.

Photography and Text by Alice Qiu, Copyright 2016


About the Author: Alice Qiu is a senior enrolled in the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2016.

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