Yash Killa: Night Magic


Photography and Text by Yash Killa, Copyright 2018


Night Magic


I remember when I first found out that I would be studying at University of Pennsylvania. It was soon after when I searched up Google Images of Philadelphia and the UPenn campus having never seen it earlier. What I saw was a series of photographs of the Campus and city life – but all mostly during the day time. I didn’t realise this then, but after taking the Digital Photography course, I was able to understand why and draw parallels between this and most other assignments that were mainly centred around sunlight.

The Sun provides ambient lighting that not only requires a smaller ISO number, but allows a faster shutter speed, and thus providing a greater range for a good photograph in most cases. This is why I decided to test myself and explore something that was out of my comfort zone – I decided to photograph the Penn campus at night.

I feel that any place looks and feels completely different after the sun sets. The moon and stars bring a sense of calmness, beauty, and yet strangeness that is unparalleled. Google Images just shows the hustle-bustle and vibrant nature of the campus, but what I experienced while taking photos was a complete contrast to that. It is this what I wanted to bring out in my assignment, and I hope I was able to do that.


About The Author: Yash Killa is a Freshman enrolled in the School of Arts & Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020. To access additional articles by Yash Killa, click herehttps://tonywardstudio.com/blog/yash-killa-propaganda/



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