Yiran Zhang: Friday in Chinatown




Photography and Poetry by Yiran Zhang



It is Friday, just like another day in Chinatown.

It is Chinatown, just like another town in New York.

It is New York, just like another city in the world.



There lives a group of people,

A special kind I shall say,

Who work so hard

To make a living in this tiny corner of the world.


Different gangs gather on at the end of every week.

Senior citizens gamble in the park,

Fathers work in the seafood market,

Moms shop for fruits for the family,

Young couples dine in a fancy restaurant,

Teenage girls select bakery items.

Crowds come and go,

But they will unite at the end.




Asian Americans are their official names.

But they call themselves Chinese, Taiwanese, or Japanese.

Old ones live on Asian tradition and images of homeland

Young ones rebel out their Asian heritage.


It is the heaven,

It is the hell.

It is Friday in Chinatown around the world.

chinatown new york at night street lights


Photography and Poetry by Yiran Zhang, Copyright 2015


bout The Author: Yiran Zhang is a senior enrolled in the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. Class of 2016. To read additional articles by Yiran Zhang, type the author’s name in the search bar at the bottom of the page and click the search icon.

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