Zoe Yun Zou: The Lost Past

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Photography and Text by Zoe Yun Zou, Copyright 2016


I believe, it is the art form that is closest to the public and should take upon the responsibility of revoking hidden beauty, positive values and forgotten history. Being aware of the important role of photography as a means of communication, I wish to point out the overlooked charm of ordinary objects to people, communicate my feelings, values and views on them. I wish my photos could remind people of the lost past, the amazing now, and maybe give them the imagination for the future.

Born in a family with five generations of traditional Chinese artists and being raised in the modern city of Shanghai, I am always interested in the tradition and how modern aesthetic values can be integrated with the old world. Many of my inspirations come from the lost and forgotten human history and  ordinary daily objects. In addition, as a graphic designer and painter myself, I am always attracted by  geometry, the color and patterns of objects. I believe that, like people, places and objects are constantly expressing their own emotion and feelings. And those are their beauty—the ordinary amazement that people usually overlook in life. To illustrate their unique stories, I look for the light within the shadows, patterns in the daily life, harmonious color palettes, silent interactions between objects, abstract forms and geometry. I want to leave spaces for people to imagine, and to create their stories and connections with the objects, people and places in the photographic image.


About The Author: Zoe Yun Zou, is a Junior enrolled the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017. To read additional articles by Zoe, go here: https://tonywardstudio.com/blog/zou-zoe-yun-a-woman-an-engineer/


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