Alice Qiu: Lively Hong Kong


Photography and Text by Alice Qiu, Copyright 2016


Lively Hong Kong


Back in my memory, Hong Kong was a very modern, big and fancy city. When I was little, Mainland China was still very underdeveloped and when people talked about Hong Kong, it was all about skyscrapers and luxurious boutique stores. Hong Kong was the finance center of Asia.


With that expectation of Hong Kong, the first time I travelled there, I was disappointed. I saw the skyscrapers, but that was only part of Hong Kong. The majority of the city was old, crowded and noisy. The streets were narrow. Some of the walls were peeling off. Small vendors were everywhere on the street. Shouting and crying could be easily heard. It was just not the modern and fancy city I dreamed about.


However, the more time I spend in the city, the more I feel that the city has a strong flavor of life. It is not a cold city without feelings. Instead, it is welcoming, warm and interesting. In Hong Kong, small vendors have one of the most authentic foods. It is not the fine dining where you have to dress up and behave yourself.


Here food is more about everyday life. When you get off from work, on the way back home, you may stop for some fruits or tasty barbecue. You may make a wish in front of the traditional Chinese lantern. Or you may buy some small toys as gifts for your little brother or sister.  Yes Hong Kong is crowded and old, at least for the most part. But it is this huddle that makes the city full of life and character.


About the Author: Alice Qiu is a senior enrolled in the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2016. To read additional articles by Alice Qiu, go here:

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