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Robin Sander: Day to Day


Posted on April 7, 2016 by Robin Sanders


DAY 1:

A young woman wakes up. She finds herself still warm from the threads of love her dreams had tantalized her body and mind with while asleep.

Excited for her day, the young girl bounds to the foot of her bed, where a green card is waiting for her. Immediately, the happy girl embraces her card, happily scheming of things she can do with her new gift.



The young woman rushes to her front door, putting on her blindfold. Excited, she rushes out into the light of the outdoors, letting the path lead her direction.


DAY 2:

A young woman wakes up. After she brushes away the combs of slumber, she realizes where she is. The fantasy of unconsciousness is replaced by the cold realization of reality.


Knowing what she must do, the girl slowly relinquishes her prone position to climb down to the bottom of her bed, where she finds a blue card. Realizing its meaning, the girl sadly slumps against her wall.


Letting despair settle into sadness, the young woman prepares to leave her home. As she opens the door, she is met with the frigid breath of the outside.




Human beings created society to quell the fears that arise when contemplating the true meaning of existence, of human emotion, of chaos. Of reality. When given the façade of contemporary life, we put on our blindfold and travel the well-worn paths of generations before us. However, when we take off the blindfold, and truly see what it means to be alive, where does that leave us? Sometimes we cling to the blindfold for happiness, afraid to face what is really outside.


Photography and Text by Robin Sanders, Copyright 2016


Portrait of Robin Sanders by Carmen Garcia, Copyright 2016

Portrait of Robin Sanders by Carmen Garcia, Copyright 2016

About The Author: Robin Sanders is a Junior majoring in Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.  Class of 2017.

Obsessions: Portrait of the Day




Photography and Text by Tony Ward


I met Bill in the early nineties while he was an art director for a large Philadelphia advertising agency.  We worked on a number of creative projects together over the years as I was heavily involved in studio photography at the time, while servicing a variety of Fortune 500 clients.  Bill and I became friends and often socialized together. At the time of this picture he was dating a beautiful African American woman who I first spotted while riding on the back of Bill’s motorcycle on the streets of Philadelphia.  When I met her; I explained that I was embarking on a series of photographs based on the nude and the erotic in photography.  This marked the beginning of the Obsessions period. It was the Spring of 1993.


Photography and Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2016.

Victoria Meyer: CHKR Ad Concepts

ad concept produced by victoria meyer

Photography and Text by Victoria Meyer


CHKR, pronounced “choker,” is an edgy choker necklace brand for bold and fashionable statement makers. Preferred by celebrities like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Beyoncé, CHKR has the right necklace for you: anywhere in everyway.

fashion ad campaign concept ad

We designed CHKR necklaces to be worn all day. If you’re anything like us, we know one day doesn’t mean one outfit. See and be seen at brunch, hit the weights in the gym, and go out on the town without losing time to the hassle of an accessory change. For all occasions, CHKR is your new favorite necklace.

fashion ad campaign modeled by srey breaualc

Dress your outfit down with our “Classic Tattoo Band” or dress it up with the “Hard Metal Statement.” Show off a different CHKR each day or stack them to your hearts content. No matter how you choose to call the shots, with CHKR on your neck you’ll be turning heads all day.



Follow us on instagram and twitter @shopCHKR and on Facebook at


Photography and Text by Victoria Meyer, Copyright 2015


About The Author: Victoria Meyer is a junior enrolled in the College of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017.  To access additional articles by Victoria Meyer, go to the search bar at the bottom of the page, type in author’s name: click the search icon

Qingxin Zhao: Crushed



Posted on September 30, 2015 by Qingxin Zhao


Clive is a young man who fell in love. He first met his boyfriend, Grey, at a restaurant; their eyes kept on drifting towards each other’s. Even though this was Clive’s first encounter with love, he felt the spark and knew what it meant. Grey was his first crush.

Grey also noticed the spark between them, and he gave Clive his phone number. After a day, Clive realized that he could not keep his mind off of him, so he initiated contact. Luckily, Grey still felt the same way, and they went on a date—and then another and another. Whenever Clive thought of the funny jokes that Grey would tell or any of the quirky little things that Grey did, he would smile to himself. Life was good.


All of Clive’s friends saw them as a cute, perfect couple. After all, the two of them got along so well that they could practically read each other’s mind. When playing video games, they understood each other’s strategies without having to communicate verbally. They just clicked.

After a few months of dating, Clive and Grey started seeing their relationship as a more serious, long-term affair.


They also became more honest with each other. Grey was practically addicted to a video game called League of Legends, and Clive disapproved greatly. Grey played so often that he often shirked work and school. However, Grey also saw what the game was doing to him and promised to stop playing.

Two weeks later, though, Clive logged onto his League of Legends account to check on something, and he saw Grey playing a game. Feeling extremely betrayed, Clive confronted Grey.


It turns out that Grey had been playing every day even though he promised Clive that he would stop. This issue was also not isolated—the couple was having other trust issues as well. Clive realized that he could never be with someone he did not trust, so he broke up with Grey. Grey tried to win him back, but Clive’s decision had already been made.

After the confrontation, Clive cried hysterically for hours. Whenever he thought of what happened, he felt angry and sad. How could someone he loved do this to him? Why did Grey not realize how much he was hurting him? Well, it was too late for Grey. Clive realized how much of a loser he was. Besides, Clive had other priorities, such as finding a job for after graduation.


However, Clive could not help but feel as though he was partly to blame. Maybe he was too controlling of Grey? Furthermore, if he did not love Grey anymore, then why did he feel so empty inside and even longed for that feeling with Grey to return? Should he give Grey a second chance? Nevertheless, Clive’s heart was now crushed.



Photography & Text by Qingxin Zhao, Copyright 2015.

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