Tyler Ling: The Tech Effect

Photography and Text by Tyler Ling, Copyright 2017




As a college student of the 21st century, I regularly find myself attached to my cell phone and computer. This growing dependency on these technologies has become an integrated part of my daily life. Beyond the usage for educational purposes, I find myself increasingly addicted to my cell phone for social media (i.e. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook). This social media addiction stems from a psychological craving for social validation. Like my fellow peers, I want my friends to believe I am a delightful person. With the growing popularity of social networking, college students are becoming more dependent on technologies. Although social media intends to promote networking, the results can produce adverse effects on the dynamics of social interactions. When using social media, I often find myself sitting in a corner fixed onto the cellphone screen. In turn, I am unconsciously isolating myself from my surroundings and any physical interactions. In this series of photographs, I wanted to examine the aversive effects of this addictive dependency on technology amongst my fellow peers and young adults.


About The Author: Tyler Ling is a junior majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania.  Class of 2020. To read additional articles by Tyler Ling, go here: https://tonywardstudio.com/blog/tyler-ling-life-science/


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