James Domingo: The Right Side of History


Text by James Domingo, Copyright 2024


The Right Side of History


It’s been said that American universities are currently, “On fire.”

This is the United States of America where one of our greatest symbols is the torch of Lady Liberty which represents enlightenment and is also seen as the illumination of the human spirit and the pursuit of truth, dispelling darkness and ignorance.

I say this because it seems that some of our citizens seem to have our nation confused with a small foreign entity the size of New Jersey in the Middle East.

 As we have witnessed recently, many of our elected officials have forgotten that their primary role is to act as the voice of the American people, representing the American public’s interests in areas such as legislative, executive, and judicial roles within the American government and not in the interest of foreign governments or the unregistered lobbies that are tethered to such countries.  

Every level of our elected American government should be defending every single one of our citizen’s constitutional rights without hesitation or interruption from outside influence as their oath of office clearly states. Legislators should asking, “What’s in the best interest of the American people?” not “How will AIPAC grade me?”

As American citizens, we are free to discuss openly how we feel about the policies of our government as well as governments around the world and especially ones that we support with inordinate amounts of our hard-earned tax dollars. Our taxation should rightfully provide our opinions with representation. Unfortunately, that is not what we are witnessing as of late.

As expected, a disrespectful foreign leader, namely Benjamin Netanyahu, who is currently facing numerous corruption charges, has launched an attack on American university faculty members, students and journalists for peacefully exercising their First Amendment right to free speech.

Let’s be very clear and point out that Netanyahu seems to think he’s the Prime Minister of the United States. He is not.

This delusion is certainly encouraged by the spineless American legislators who give him repeated standing ovations as if he were some sort of a celebrity whenever he speaks to our Congress. This also allows for this corrupt racist and his apartheid regime to continue to thanklessly treat the American tax-payers’ as an endless ATM with no limit.

This is a man who has snubbed American Presidents on numerous occasions. This a man who said, “9/11 was good for Israel.” This a man who has insinuated on more than one occasion that Americans are gullible and “easily moved to Israel’s side.” This is a man who encourages the U.S. to send its’ young people off to die in senseless wars against Iraq and other countries that his regime repeatedly antagonizes. This is a man who has prevented the U.S. from delivering food, water and desperately needed medical aid to the civilian population in Gaza that he is actively committing a brutal genocide against with zero regard for the condemnation of his regime’s actions by the civilized world.

His indifference to his crimes against humanity is also evidenced by his rabid, verbal attack on younger American citizens attending some of our finest universities and educational institutions. These young adults are peacefully protesting a genocide that they want no part in helping to fund or be complicit in which is perfectly understandable.

Hard working American citizens have contributed $15.8 billion dollars to his 75 + year old apartheid state which is perfectly capable of defending itself and standing on its own.

Regardless of the inordinate financial support that Netanyahu’s regime continues to leech off of the U.S., he still decided to attack American citizens by falsely claiming with no evidence, “What’s happening in America’s college campuses is horrific,” Netanyahu said. “Antisemitic mobs have taken over leading universities. They call for the annihilation of Israel. They attack Jewish students. They attack Jewish faculty.” He then went on to make the absurd and baseless suggestion that American university students, faculty members and journalists of whom a large majority are American Jews, “are reminiscent of what happened in German universities in the 1930s.”

That’s a wildly bizarre allegation coming from a racist Zionist who want’s to punish and “quell” American youth as Nazi sympathizers while sending the youth of Israel in the IDF to act like Nazis and kill the Semitic peoples of Palestine, mostly women and children indiscriminately and with impunity.

It sounds like Netanyahu and his regime are exhibiting textbook projection to blur the truth.

I for one, am glad that American students, faculty members and journalists have created a spark and have risen to the cause of justice and humanity which is not something that Netanyahu and his regime will ever be able to claim.

Keep this torch for justice illuminated until all apartheid governments are abolished and no human being lives under their rule.

Portrait of James Domingo
Self Portrait by James Domingo. Copyright 2024


About The Author: James Domingo is a veteran professional photographer and political activist based in Philadelphia. He specializes in photographing people on location or in the studio and often promotes his activism on his Facebook profile. This is James Domingo’s first contribution to this zine. For additional article by James Domingo, link here: https://tonyward.com/james-domingo-erasing-the-myth-of-superiority/


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