Jennie Shapira: Alone Together


November 10, 2015 by Jennie Shapira



Eroticism encompasses the ideas of sexual desire, sensuality and romantic love. This shoot was intended to focus on all three of these concepts, following two subjects already well in love. What keeps something within the realm of erotic, without leaking into the world of pornographic, has a lot to do with the delicate balance of these three concepts.


I tried to equalize these feelings within each image as well as through the series as a hole. I hoped to gain an everyday feel and to photographically retell the story and progression of a couple at home was better achieved with the location being so definitively homey.


The shoot was based in the apartment of one of the models’ uncle, in New York City, providing a backdrop filled with vast eclecticism, as it’s been the home to a growing collection of art. The models, Theo and Dylan, have recently started a relationship together and still lavish in the throes of new romance.


Photographing people so comfortable both in their own skin, as well as with each other provided for a fun and experimental shoot, as well as a series of honest expressions and connections. The fashion for this shoot was all the models’ own and focused on a variety of sexy lingerie, often playing off of the background’s color and mood.



Photography and Text by Jennie Shapira, Copyright 2015.

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