Michael Heath: Artist’s Wear


Photography and Brand Concept by Michael Heath, Copyright 2018




You have a vision. You have to let it flow through you. It can’t be helped. It comes out in your work, your expression, your drive to mold all worldly materials into that expressive body of work. It cannot be stopped. Nothing can get in its way.

Wear clothes that say that to everyone. Clothes that are designed to withstand having paint on it, developer chemicals, solder, burn marks. Hell, wear clothes that will look even better with those things on it. Why let some other designer put all the character into your shirts and pants for you?

Of course, you can’t always wear clothes that look like you spent the last month not doing laundry. We have designs for your gallery opening cocktail hour, too.

Artist’s Wear.


About The Author: Michael Heath is a Senior IT Support Specialist, ISC Classroom Technology Services, at the University of Pennsylvania.

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