Anni Liu: “Fresh” New Home

Photography and Text by Annie Liu, Copyright 2016




Before the age of eighteen, most kids never left home. Home is our sanctuary, the birthplace of our memories, and the place of the people we love. The  first year of college at UPenn is the most challenging year for most students: adjusting to the new school, the new people, and the new home. Penn can be daunting sometimes, with people constantly walking in business suits, classes big enough to hear your own echoes, and winters that make you miss the summer sky. To counter the unfamiliarity, freshman dorms embody a sense of closeness not only with peers but also with the history of the past and the possibilities of the future.

UPenn: The Quad

The Quad was built in the late 1800s, but as the years went by more and more parts were added in continuation of the original structure. The red brick walls, the old wooden doors, and the evergreen trees all give a sense of living through its history. It is as if we can see the past students walking down the hallway, sitting under the tree doing readings, and running around playing tag or frisbee. The stunning views of the quad offer students a sense of welcoming and freedom.

UPenn: College House

The new college house brings students a different experience. It was built recently in 2016. In contrast with the Quad, it gives a sense of modernity and possibility. The floor to ceiling glass windows make the space seems more open and more connected to the outside world. Colorful inner design contributes a sense of warmth and a feeling of joy. It is as if the future is calling the students into an endless tunnel of possibilities.

Nobody really knows what the future beholds. What freshman students need is the confidence and the knowledge that there is always a place for them to fall back on. 


Portrait of Anni Liu by Tyler Ling, Copyright 2016


About The Author: Anni Liu is a Junior majoring in the Biological Basis of Behavior, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2018.

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